Monday, July 28, 2008

The Men in My Life Are Odd

This picture was sent to me from my brother. Ordinarily, most of what he sends, I find offensive; it's usually of the political variety. He leans way too far to the right. Sort of like this fella:


Mrs. G. said...

Haaaa...he and my mom would love each other-your brother I mean.

Rudee said...

You sure you didn't mean the antlered fella?

Aka_Diva said...

I love the photo! so funny!!!

Anonymous said...

If it hadn't been "the big one", it would have been me.


Rudee said...

Hello daughter 2. It was a funny picture.

Yes FTM, proof I read the big one's junk mail before I push delete. He is solely responsible for my high blood pressure.