Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Holy Smokes, He Sullied His Lycra!

Just playing catch up with Le Tour. Every morning I record the day's event and every evening, I watch the live version I recorded in the morning. I'm a bit commercial fatigued and wouldn't consider buying a Saab-even if I could right now. I'm sick to death of those ads and Mike's Hard Lemonade ads too.

Today is an amazing route for my Boys in Lycra. I wouldn't drive a car through that circuit, let alone a bike. I'm dizzy just watching it on television. The views are breathtaking and the drop offs, incredible. They're in the Alps if you aren't watching or couldn't possibly care any less.

And yes, while I know I could fast forward through the ads, it's a little hard doing so while I'm busy knitting. Check out this spill. I wonder if he wet himself.

eta: when i watch this, i wonder, could this be an episode of Jackass?  It looks like he just raced straight off the side of the mountain.

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