Thursday, August 30, 2012

Not quite a done deal

The Porcupine Blanket is finally done, or at least I've finally finished knitting the bulk of it and all that's left is the trim.  First it needs to be washed and blocked in preparation of the trim.  I'll do this before what's left of Isaac makes its way to Michigan.  By the weekend, I'm fairly certain it will be wet around here--not that we're complaining-- and I won't be able to count on the blanket drying well.  Today is the day for blocking, and I will be attaching the fringe, for as Rose stated in the comments from Sunday's post, all of that fringe is what drew me to the blanket in the first place.

In the comments of that post, most thought it would be fine to leave it fringeless for the safety of the baby, or that it looked good unadorned.  It was a mixed bag of opinion, so I put it to a bigger vote on Ravelry, and here are those results:

Out of 368 votes, 191 fiber artists agree with Rose:  put the fringe on the blanket.  There were many comments about baby safety, so I'm thinking this will be finished as a wall hanging with a rod pocket sleeve.  I'll also give the mom a quilt hanger so it'll eventually make its way to a wall.  

I'm working the midnight shift Saturday, which is really Friday night into Saturday morning.  With luck, I'll finish attaching the fringe during those hours, but first I need to find the book so I can reference the pattern.  For the life of me, I don't know where it might be.

One last note...this morning, I caught Leo--red pawed--standing on the dining room chair.  He was trying to be silent while he was reaching across the table to snatch a piece of cheese.  BUSTED!


Stephanie V said...

Ahem. Leo. Have you got the book?

I missed the post on the fringe - where was I?
Just to get my vote in: I'm firmly with the fringe-lovers. It makes the blanket really lush and special.

The Bug said...

Leo makes me snort - thank goodness I wasn't eating or drinking anything :)

I'm glad you're doing the fringe, but I want to see what the sheep look like!

Loopylou said...

lol, and I bet he still said it wasn't him

Alice said...

I always wondered if pistachios were the cause of that expression . . . caught red handed.

sapphireblue said...

It looks beautiful already!

Rose said...

Beautiful! Aren't you happy with it? Sorry to be so opinionated, I hardly ever am, haha!

Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

it is lovely! and leo would not do that. don't fib about leo! ha ha ha

smiles, bee

Gail said...

I love it! It will be even more adorable fringed.

SkippyMom said...


Brenda said...

After seeing all of your comments I think I like Nance's suggestion to do half with the fringe and half without. Most babies love the feel of their blankies. The two that our grand kids loved so much (not made by me) were crocheted with holes in them and I was always afraid they would get all tangled up in those holes. Thank God they never did. Sadly..for me they were not attached to anything I made them. It took me too long to get them done.

sandy said...

Had to laugh about Leo getting busted, ha!

That is a beautiful blanket/wall hanging - talk about creative!

I hope you don't get too much rain dropped on you - unless you want it - from Isaac. Up here in the mountains - we have had the most spectacular thunder storms lately.

Today I'm feeling fall weather and I woke up at dawn with the sound of a heavy breeze racing through the trees. I opened my blinds and laid there for two hours looking at the trees dance. So refreshing - I love it here.

Have a great weekend!