Saturday, August 11, 2012

Color Affection

Artist's Paint Pots
It's hard not to be influenced by the beauty that surrounds me here in Southeastern Montana.  One only has to look to find something interesting.  The color alone is simply amazing.  We've gone into Yellowstone two days in a row, and while we took separate routes both days, the major difference to color was yesterday's lack of sunshine.  It was cool, overcast and drizzling most of the day.  By the time we left the park around 6 PM, torrential storms struck the area.  Since there are a few fires already burning in the park, it was probably good that the 300 lightening strikes Yellowstone received yesterday were accompanied by heavy rain.  Hopefully they cancel each other out, but it is awfully dry there and fire risk is extreme in some areas.

Quake Lake
On our first day in the park, it was quite hot and sunny.  I'd forgotten to put the polarized cover on the lens of the camera, which probably would have given me better color description in the photos I took.  The second day, Mother Nature provided her own cover, so the polarized one wasn't necessary, which was good because I don't have one for the wide angle lens.

Gibbons Falls
After walking miles around Mammoth Hot Springs, dodging rain drops (not successfully), and stopping at just about every scenic spot we could find, we made one last stop at Artist's Paint Pots.  It's about a 1/3 mile easy hike into this beautiful spot and I had only brought the wide-angled lens.  I for sure wasn't walking back to get the other.  I even forget my iPhone which has a decent camera.  Oh well, you get closeups shot with the only lens I had here.

The bridge to Mammoth Hot Springs
The colors have inspired me to want to knit another shawl using the milky light blue with rich salmon colors.  Will it be another Cameo?  Or maybe Color Affection?  Whatever it is, bobbins and butterflies won't be involved.  I haven't been knitting much here, though I did finally cast on the second Lismore Cable Sock last night so there is hope for an actual pair of socks coming out of this trip.  The porcupine blanket sits ignored for the time being.  Maybe later today.  Or maybe not.

More Mammoth Hot Springs because one picture is never enough to show the beauty that surrounds us here.
I know why I haven't been's because I literally can't take my eyes off the path.

The plan for today is not fully formed, but I think it will involve walking down to the farmer's market and maybe taking in the local art fair.  I hope your weekend is great!


Stephanie V said...

Mammoth Hot Springs looks like a place on another planet. How gorgeous! And that bridge...well, just a bit scary. I'd be fine driving on the wall-side.

It's really hard to knit on much to see and do. Then there's all those photos to download. Love 'em.

Finding Pam said...

Your vistas are awesome. No wonder you are inspired to knit from the beautiful colors.

I hope the temps are cool and not blazing hot like we have been experiencing.

Alice said...

Two days of rain here.
A little weird, swirling around the state and canada in almost a "hurricane" pattern.
Mom's house sits smack in the middle of the dry "eye," with Metro airport getting thunder storms just 3 miles down the road!

Looks beautiful, have fun!

Darci Brousseau said...

All of your photos just reconfirm that I want to visit Yellowstone park, the sights are breath taking.
I can't wait hear what you discover next, the farmers market sounds delightful.

The Bug said...


sapphireblue said...

Gorgeous! I really want to go there.

Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

agree that the colors will be lovely knitted into one of your beautiful creations!

smiles, bee

Paint Zoom Complaints said...

It turned out so pretty! You make it look so easy, I need to try my hand at it!!!

Ruth said...

Colour Affection describes it all beautifully. That shawl is on my list - i have soem goregeous handdyed yarn to knit it with.

Brenda said...

The colors nature provides us with can't be beat. Sounds like you are getting a lot of inspiration for some winter projects.