Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Classic way to end disputes

Rock, Paper Scissors statue, Gillette, WY.
Greetings from Gillette, Wyoming, where I am just about to pour myself back into the car for another long day.  Thought I'd say hey and share this statue I found.  Next stop, Montana and home base for a week.

Gillette is a modest town that looks to be dependent on the energy industry.  They have a Starbucks here though, and for someone who has driven about 1500 miles with mostly awful coffee, I can now state emphatically that today, at least I'll be driving awake!

Have a good one.


Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

love the statue! hope your trip is fun honey!

smiles, bee

The Bug said...

Love the statue!

Brenda said...

Let the fun begin. Staying put for a few days will be relaxing and I can't wait to see photos of Montana. Someday I hope to get there myself. Starbucks is usually our favorite wake me up. Enjoy!

sapphireblue said...

I hope you are having a good time.

Alice said...

At home you can't use Duncan's as a point of reference for directions . . . cuz they're on EVERY corner. It amused my brother quite a bit, he'd say, "We can't be lost, there's a D.D."
That's New England for you. Very few Starbucks.
Be Safe.

Stephanie V said...

Fun sculpture. Sounds like it's hot there...enjoy the Starbuck's when you ca.

Mimi said...

Fantastic statue! Enjoy the rest of your trip!

Ruth said...

fun statue. enjoy Montana and the rest.