Friday, August 17, 2012

Failure of Prior Proper Planning

See Teddy Roosevelt in the back there squashed between Presidents Jefferson and Lincoln?  We also "read" about him in The River of Doubt while on holiday.  It was an extraordinary and harrowing tale of adventure.  I highly recommend this book, by, Candice Millard.  It was most excellent, if not a little gruesome.
The schedule never changes.  The third Saturday of every single August draws car buffs from around the country with the lure of cruising Woodward Avenue in their vintage--and some not so vintage--cars.    There is very loud rock and roll music to be heard from the corner of Woodward and 13 Mile Road and I'm about a mile away!  I can hear the roar of engines, helicopters overhead, sirens as police and EMS tend to the people who are likely drinking and driving, and the voices of the constant parade of humans outside my door.  The noise levels are deafening, certainly not as peaceful as a cabin in the woods, and it's only just getting started.  By tomorrow, the noise will reach a crescendo and I will regret that I forgot to plan for this.  Usually I duck out this weekend and head to the Michigan Fiber Festival.  Not this time, though.  I haven't the heart nor the gumption to get back in my car and drive west again.

Wall, South Dakota
Two weeks ago we realized we'd also not planned well when we pulled into Keystone, South Dakota for a look-see at Mt. Rushmore.  There were a bazillion (no exaggeration!) cyclists with their Harleys, Triumphs and Hondas lining the one and only road to the top.  Yep, they were there for their annual pilgrimage to Sturgis, South Dakota where they all do Heaven Knows What for an entire week.  We pulled in at the same time they did and there was not a hotel room available for love nor money.

Again with the poor planning.  What was I thinking?

Last year the Dream Cruise got rained out when a bad storm rolled in.  I guess it was awful.  I wouldn't know as I was hobnobbing with sheep, alpaca and pygora goats.  This year, I'm stuck and I hear the weather is to be gorgeous.

This must be purgatory.


Rose said...

So sorry about your weekend. Love the falls photo from your previous post! Maybe you can hang out at the shop and spin?

Stephanie V said...

That's a big oops! I like Rose's idea. Or maybe knitting on the porch with the headphones well plugged in.

laurie said...

it's like being in duluth for grandma's marathon weekend. so sorry. headphones are a good idea.

Brenda said...

Sounds a little like Hell's Angels. Yikes....I used to be scared to death of them...or ones like them.

The Bug said...

Mike's brother has done the Sturgis thing. His wife, talking about going to Mt. Rushmore, said that they just rounded a corner & there was George!

Sorry your day was probably really loud - hopefully things will quieten down soon.

sapphireblue said...

Shoot! I totally forgot about that.