Sunday, August 26, 2012

And all good things must come to an end

Quake Lake.
Wish I was there instead of going back to work.
It's been 25 days since last I worked and I head back into the fray tomorrow.  I kind of miss working, so maybe it's not a bad thing.  If nothing else, it'll keep me away from watching the madness which is American politics on the television.  I did venture into the office this week to pick up equipment I'd left in my employer's safe keeping in the event I'd had a run in with a bear while on vacation.

Unadorned porcupine.  AKA a hedgehog.
 The Porcupine Baby Blanket is also coming to an end and while I've flown through the last 40 or so rows this weekend, for some reason, I can't make myself pick it up and finish the last 12 rows!  What?  Why is that?  I think I my subconscious is dreading all that fringe.  When I mentioned that on a Ravelry forum, another knitter thought perhaps I should ditch the fringe and call the critters hedgehogs.  She thought all the fringe may not fair so well in the hands of a baby.  I've been seriously considering that knitter's advice.

Hedgehog with quills?  AKA a porcupine or how the designer finished the piece.
What do you think?  Porcupines or hedgehogs?  Will my critters look naked if unadorned?


Rose said...

You won't be happy unless you do the fringe; it's probably why you picked it out in the first place.

Gail said...

From a baby's standpoint, I know they like to pick at any thing loose. Either is beautiful.

Fringe for a nursery hanging, hedgehog for a cuddle blanket.

Your heart will tell you.

I'm awfully glad you did not get eaten by a bear.

Darci Brousseau said...

I like the hedgehogs :-) hopefully the transition back to work will go smoothly.

Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

both are adorable so go whatever way you want!

smiles, bee

Brenda said...

Our first grand daughter would pull off pieces of yarn and smell them or put them close to her nose. She called them her fluffies. She would have loved those fringed parts. Have a nice week Rudee!

SkippyMom said...

With a Porcupine in the family [Wallene's real nickname - and I collect them] that is definitely a hedgehog - their noses turn up, while porcupines are rounded and turn down. Didn't know I was THE expert, eh?

Either way - it is adorable and I want one. I like it with the fuzz, but I suspect as a baby blanket it is best to leave it off. It will be the first thing that goes in their mouth.

But a wall hanging......:D

Jane Galley said...

It's adorable as it is, and it will be loved as much without the fringe as with it

Knitty said...

I love the fringed look. You never know with a baby whether they will leave something alone or pick it to pieces. Sleep on it, ask the parent or toss a coin.

The Bug said...

Well, I see you've gotten lots of good advice. As it stands, the scorecard reads:

Porcupine: 3
Hedgehog: 2
Either is fine: 3

So I should vote for the hedgehog just to even things up :)

I really really like the porcupine but I'm no baby expert...

sapphireblue said...

I vote porcupine.

Mimi said...

Unadorned is my vote too! I think fringes and the like are only a nusiance (and maybe even a danger) where there's a baby.
Rudee, I share the feelings on going back to work...I'm back tomorrow (which at this time, 00.41, is today- I don't want summer to end) after a long summer break :((

Rositta said...

I love hedgehogs but I've never seen one in Canada. I've seen many in Germany so I always thought we didn't have them here. I think though for a baby I'd skip the fringe. It is pretty cool without it...ciao

lovestitch said...

Oh your Porcupine Baby Blanket is coming to a happy end! :) No matter in what way! Personally I do love the fringes, but either will be beautiful!
You have a great day! x

Nance said...

Why not do some of each? The random look might be very charming and would cut your work in half, as well as assuage your guilt.