Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sick and Tired

Well, our one to three inches of erroneously predicted snow turned into seven more inches that fell fast and furiously. It started around 2PM and was all over but the shoveling around 7. Not so bad except we have limited space and are running out of creative places to shovel the collective mess.

I went out around 6 PM to sweep what I thought was just a couple of inches off the porch and steps. When I realized I couldn't push the broom through the snow, I knew we'd gotten more than those filthy liars told us we'd get. I bundled up to tackle the task of shoveling the walk and drive so my husband wouldn't have to after working all day.

I'm already sore, but I'm here writing, so I obviously passed my exercise induced stress test. It took an hour, and required lifting, which they tell you not to do. Push the snow, they say. You know who I'm speaking of--those know it all television reporters. Push it where? If I push it against the mounds we started back in December, it would avalanche back down on the walk I just cleared. What's the point of that? So I lifted. And grunted. And lifted some more.

Sunday's weather predictions are for, you guessed it, more snow. Yep. Sick and tired of it all.

I can't think of the saying, sick and tired, without thinking of Bill Cosby's skit on how tired always follows sick. Back when this was first released, and that was ages ago, I laughed until I cried when he talked about his parents because apparently, our mothers were cut from the same cloth.

In case you missed it, or the snow makes you want to cry, here's a little laugh for today.


Gail said...

Thanks for the laugh. I love Bill Cosby!

May your snow lessen and your muscles not be sore.

SkippyMom said...

The "Jesus Christ" part just slays me because my Dad said it all the time - I thought the same thing.

Wow. Bill Cosby is the best. I love the way he can tell jokes, relate life and not curse [notice how he gets around the use of the word sh*t].

Sorry you are sick and tired - I don't blame you, hopefully it will be over soon.

Hugs and warm socks Rudee - oh, and cocoa. :D

Denise said...

I always loved that skit.

debra said...

We got the snow, too. Our 1-3 morphed into 2-4,then about 6 or 7. Over icy slush. A nice touch.(my daughter did some shoveling and pushed the snow into the road:-) And we are also expecting more---AND plunging temps. A nice touch. Sigh

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

i am speechless over more snow. yikes! where is it all going to end? i am so blessed down here in paradise, and thankful!

hugs, bee

Stephanie V said...

More snow? Yikes! I get why you lift that snow - if your pile grows you won't have to push so far, right?

Bill Cosby - a blast from my past. We had all his albums and many skits are burned on my brain.

Sandy said...

I can't imagine how you are all doing it in these areas getting blasted. I feel for ya big time.

Brenda said...

It was funny that as soon as I saw your post title I thought of Bill Cosby. I think my kids were smallish when this came out and they thought I was a crazy Mom for laughing so hard at this...but I think you have to come from a large family to appreciate his humor....and have parents like that. I think we are all thinking the same thoughts about this craptastic weather. Next week our highs are going to 29 and lows 7. Yippee! Can't wait.

laurie said...

we need a thaw. i agree, there's nowhere to push it. but i've gotten good about bending from the knees.

The Bug said...

We had that routine on video tape & for a long time you couldn't visit our house without us making you watch it. My favorite part was the chocolate cake - "Dad is great! Gives us chocolate cake!" Heh.

We're supposed to get a smidgen of snow tomorrow but then it's supposed to be clear & really cold the rest of the week. Joy joy!

Jadekitty said...

Sending some rain, and warm temps on the pony express. Trade ya for some of that snow, ok? I haven't seen nearly enough this year.

(Queenmothermamaw) Peggy said...

Love that Bill. A great laugh that I needed. Thanks for your encouraging words, Rudee. I will be alright I have done my reading and been following my diet pretty good. She gave me meds but hope I can get off of it. Be safe dear girl.

Rositta said...

Just what I needed, a good laugh. It's snowing here too and they said about 7 cm. We will see tomorrow morning how badly they lied...ciao

sapphireblue said...

I caught his show on tv one night when I was up with the baby. It was never so relevant as right then.

We are supposed to be getting more snow tonight and tomorrow. Sigh!