Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Romancing the car

Her-- Good morning. Don't bother looking outside, we didn't even get that first four inches of snow that was forecast overnight.

Him-- It's not that snow I'm worried about. I don't even have an ice scraper for my car.

Her-- No. You can't have mine.

Him-- I didn't ask you for yours.

Her-- Yes you did, just in not so many words. While we're on the topic, you can't have my SUV, either.

Him--I didn't ask you for your car. Can't you call your boss and ask what the plan is for tonight?

Her--The plan is I punch in at 4 PM and go where I'm sent. And no, you can't have my car.

Him--Dammit, I didn't ask for your car.

Her--Yes you did and I'm not calling in sick for something that hasn't even started yet.

Him--Why? Your patients are dead anyway. Why do you have to go out to see them if they're dead?

Her--Because that's my job, and no, you can't have my car. I'm sorry if you didn't think to buy your own SUV, but just because the weather is bad doesn't mean you can take mine. I mean hello? That's why I bought this vehicle.


Her--Yes you are.

Him--What am I going to do to get to work?

Her--It isn't snowing yet and right now, you're channeling your father.

Him--I AM NOT.

Her--Yes you are. And no, you can't have my car.


Him--You're right. I am turning into my father over snow. I'm not doing so well with this blizzard thing.

Her-- I know, I know. Look, I packed you a nice lunch. Everything will be ok. We'll cross this snow bridge when we come to it, honey. Now go to work...


Brenda said...

Is that an Edge? We looked at those and ended up getting a Fusion. Love the conversation you had with your sweetie.

Rudee said...

Brenda, it's a Ford Escape.

Gail said...

I had a disaster man here. It was going to be the worst storm, I would never get home, etc. I drove my car to work and home...no disaster.

SkippyMom said...

I don't know what kind of snow you have had by now, but I hope you are safe and sound and no one dies tonight patientwise.

Didn't like that part of the conversation so much I have to say.

You're a good egg Rudee. Be safe.

The Bug said...

Mike sent an email at 3:00 asking me to come home at 4:00 - he was worried about that 40 mile trek in the ice. And he was right to be worried - I did slide around a little so I'm glad I didn't work until 5:00. But he's way more cautious than I am as a rule - which is funny because when we moved up here I never wanted to leave the house if I saw a snowflake!

Rositta said...

Same vehicle, different color... mine's black and my husband keeps wanting to drive it. He doesn't really have a good reason, his vehicle has snow tires too. I think it's just more fun...ciao

Anonymous said...

A misrepresentation of what transpired..

(1) I have great respect for Hospice patients. I would never even insinuate their care be foregone due to my desire to be safe in a 4 wheel drive vehicle. However, when heavily medicated, there is no reason there care could not be delayed until I got home. (my mother was a hospice patient - god bless hospice).

(2) I would never expect you to allow me the safety of using your 4wheel drive vehicle. Even though my drive is 35 miles longer than yours.

I look forward to dying tomorrow, on the way to work, in order to demonstrate I am not attempting to co-opt your safe 4 wheel drive vehicle.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for spelling error...There should be their...

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

very nice, i love fords and lincolns. we now have the lincoln "lmnop" or whatever letters (mkx), i hate those letter names! escape is a good name. mkx is not.

smiles, bee

Jadekitty said...

Haha, good job on standing your ground.