Monday, February 21, 2011

Duplicate Days

Key West Lighthouse

I swear on Saturday, the weather people drew a line on the map and said north of the line, there would be a lot of snow and south of the line, not so much, maybe one to three inches, but more mixed precipitation. Though we're a long way south of their imaginary line, we got 9 more inches of snow. Nine. I'm so over it, I refuse to show you photos and you'll just have to take my word that once again, we've been inundated with fluff.

A stunning Hibiscus on the grounds of Ernest Hemingway's home in Key West.

I could focus on the negative here, but I won't. I'm still on vacation so I don't have to drive in this slop. This made my husband happy because he got to drive my SUV to work and I'm snowed in drinking tea and knitting. Such punishment.

While I'm still working on my vest, which would come in handy with this stubborn winter weather, I'm actually casting on today for a baby blankie for a certain someone who is due to make an appearance in about a month. My sister and I are sharing this project so it'll be a joint work of love. It's a good thing I put the yarn for this project up high without fondling it too much because a certain dog, who shall remain nameless, found my Nordique yarn and lost his ever loving mind.

Stories of how bereft he was when I left town are the only thing that saved him from certain demise. He paced the entire time I was gone and cried at my bedroom door until the men would open it to let him see it was indeed empty. Feeling sorry for him, they left him out of his crate which is when he found the bag of yarn that probably smelled like me. He was so pathetic, the only thing I could do was forgive him.

Snowed in? Dog who loves me? Plenty of yarn the dog hasn't found yet? Sounds like the makings for a continuation of the perfect vacation, minus the sun. What's not to love?


Sandy said...

wow, sorry about your weather but in looking back at your last few posts looks like you had a great time on vacation!!

The Bug said...

Silly dog - that's such a great face though :)

We're getting rain instead of snow. I think I prefer snow. I mean, I still have to wear my big coat & gloves, and now I have to add an umbrella to the ensemble. Blech. We're supposed to have some snow tomorrow.

Finding Pam said...

Poor Leo for getting in trouble. I bet he missed you a lot. I am glad that you forgave him.

Your pictures are beautiful. I love the hibiscus photo. It says summer to me.

That is a lot of snow. You will hear me complaining when this dreadful summer heat arrives in east Texas.

Snowed in, a dog that loves you and plenty of yarn sounds like a good day. Enjoy it all.

sapphireblue said...

Look at that bird's nest! Hope you are able to salvage.

Brenda said...

Oh no...about both...the snow and the yarn. Hang on to the memories of your vacation!

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

sweet post! love it, and sorry about the snow.

smiles, bee

Ruth said...

Enjoy the relaxation before you have to go back to the treadmill of work.

Gail said...

Do you do socks? My hard working sister has been singing praises about wool socks.

If you do and If I may, I would love to commission a pair for her. Let me know.

Denise said...

Wish I could send you some sun. Animals. *sigh* Some of mine are fit to be tied with partner away.

It's good you don't have to go out in the bad weather.

I want to go visit Hemmingway house someday and see the cats.

Stephanie V said...

I know it's no fun for you but I think Leo is just the most precious dog. If you didn't have a tangle of yarn now, I guess you'd be comforted by his devotion.

Nice you have some sunny photos to remind you of the all-too-short vacation. We're in for a last blast of winter...the cold, cold they promised us back in December. It's a long walk from the Arctic, I guess.

Devon said...

What a funny post! That dog loves you. So, you must forgive him. He must be sitting at your feet as you knit today.

I love days like that... as opposed to my last 2 days at work. Patients that make Hitler seem like a girl scout. Everyone in the office keeps saying it must be a full moon... but of course it is not.