Sunday, November 22, 2009

One Thing Leads to Another

Ignoring what was waiting to be plied on my spinning wheel, I liberated a bobbin and set to spinning some wool I bought at the fiber festival in August. I was a woman on a mission: this wool would be spun with a project in mind and I was going to finish spinning, plying, setting the twist and would cast on by Sunday.

That's all well and good, but the final count of handspun fell a little short in the yardage 200 yards short and the fiber was one of a kind. What's a spinning knitter to do? Contemplate. Sleep on it. The answer will come.

By this morning, I knew I would do a two toned project (they're--Lord, help me-- felted ballerina slippers). I was certain I knew exactly where a skein of gray yarn (commercial) and a skein of teal yarn existed in my closet and set to finding them. I have a ball of the plum colored wool, but sort of want to save that for one big project. Besides, I was a bit tired of the wheel and wanted something ready to go.

Well...I ran into a lot of yarn I forgot I owned. I always do this. I have 1240 yards of beautiful, red Galway yarn that was supposed to be a sweater. I have another 420 yards of it in the most beautiful shade of green that was supposed to be gloves. There are several skeins of Nashua Creative Focus--green, gray, blue, pink, you name it and I own it! I didn't open the sock box. I have enough going on without opening that box of worms. This is only a wee bit of what I own. The bulk of the spinning fiber is in my bedroom closet with the cedar and lavender.

The last photo is of stuff I never really use anymore. Straights? Uh-uh..too clumsy. Wood circs? No, I'm partial to my Addis and Knit Pick Options. What's a girl to do with this surplus of knitting goodness? Well, today I'm going to sort through it all, package what I don't use and ship it to someone who will do something with it all. Even though I promised her I'd do this last week, I don't think Jadekitty will mind the wait. I promise, it'll be worthwhile. She's teaching her siblings how to knit and I'm quite sure she'll appreciate the options for needles and probably more than few different yarns to choose from.

I hope she has more storage space than me.


NCmountainwoman said...

Interesting that the more we knit the more selective we become in needles. I love the Addi Turbos as well and use Lantern Moon for straights. The best investments I made were buying really good quality double points. Definitely worth the extra money considering how often I use them.

Finding Pam said...

Ya'll are talking Greek to me, but I understand the passion from where you are comming.Just beautiful colors.

I am that way about flowers and plants.

Have a wonderful Sunday.

Stephanie V said...

And, the more we knit, the more we experiment with what's out there. Sometimes, we find great stuff. Then we have all the stuff to share. It's good to have a place to share those extras.
BTW, being a person with rug passions, I can't help but admire that rug under all the stash.

Miss 376 said...

Share and share alike, lol. Don't you just love passing on the problem to someone else. I don't expect it will be long before the space gets filled again

Winifred said...

What a treasure trove you have.
I love that teal shade, absolutely beautiful. Makes me feel good about wool I've bought and haven't used yet.

I'm trying to buy wool for a specific pattern rather than just see it and buy it. I went a bit mad a few weeks ago and bought some lots of Rowan Tape in some pretty shades. Hope I finish them and don't put it into the Black Hole, there's enough there already.

I like your recycling idea. Very good! I'm waiting to teach my grand daughter but my daughter won't want the stuff at her house! Lauren's just turned 5 and keen to start but I'm not sure when I learned. Don't want her to start too soon and get put off by failure!

Rudee said...

NCMW--Options are wonderful with their nice,Addi like, pointy tips.

Pam-Greek is such a lovely language.

Stephanie--Home Depot

Miss--I am taking SueB's advice and cleaning house.

Winifred--my inspiration to learn to spin was knowing my spinning teacher's 5 year old granddaughter could do it. If your granddaughter is game, you should teach her. Ensnare them young!

Anonymous said...

When I first started painting every paint brush looked the same to me. Now I have a fit if I don't have the right one and the right size. My teacher says that means I am an artist. Thank goodness, no painting projects to prove it. I know what you mean about the proper equipment.

Kathleen said...

Sounds like when I clean closets. Before I know it, I have spread out into every room and then some!

BTW: Your plan sounds lovely. I should probably do the same with my bead stash. Next year.

I plan to dabble in oil painting soon. And my friend who's going to teach me says all I'll really need is 5 colors. Umm humm...

Brenda said...

I was just going through some of my stuff also about a week ago and made up my mind to donate it... if it hasn't been used up in one year. I always have good intentions but just don't get anywhere on accomplishing much. I did get Maddie's hat done the other day and discovered I really don't like circular needles. With hand quilting I had the same issues. I had an applique teacher tell us what worked best for her as far as needle size, etc. but I found I had to use what worked for me, and it usually wasn't what worked for her. I am the same way with ink pens. My husband only likes the fine points and I can't write with them.
Anyway...glad you are letting someone else get some use of the items. I know she will appreciate them. Bamboo sticks bend, I have I may have to try some of the ones you are talking about. I think I saw those in the magazines.

Rose said...

That's really nice of you to gift your surplus. I need to do that with some of my yarn I think. I must be the only one out here who doesn't really like the Addis; wonder why? Susan Bates are my favorite circulars and Brittany or Lantern Moon for my straights.

sapphireblue said...

It's amazing what we forget we have in the stash. I also don't like to knit on straight needles. It's hard on my wrist. Can't wait to see what you make with that yarn combo.

Jadekitty said...

Thank you so much! My needles finally arrived in the mail, so we have more to work with. But the kids are looking forward to your package!