Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Now That's What I'm Sayin'

The boys in red have put Chicago to bed
And brought home a trophy to boot.
Sad to say, it's not the one that they want
They're looking for shinier loot.

Detroit is going to the Stanley Cup Finals for the 6th time in 14 years.  Way to go Wings!  As an aside to Pittsburgh, we've ordered extra octopi to throw on your ice-better bring your best game.  Not only do we have the squid for luck, but we didn't touch the Campbell Cup.  Word has it, you guys celebrated your win by molesting your cup and sealed the curse.  You'll not hoist any other cups this year. 

Get your butt to Detroit, Grapes.  The color commentary has been absolutely dreadful without you. 


Pyzahn said...

I never would have pegged you for a hockey fan. Since I have no vested interest, I say....Go Wings.

(Detroit IS the Red Wings....yes?)

That squid thing is kinda funky.

Brenda said...

My husband was just trying to give me a brief history of the Red Wings last night, but I have already forgotten most of what he said. My son, husband and son-in-law get involved in fantasy hockey and baseball. I live with big sports fans, but I have just never gotten very into it. I am glad your team is doing well though.

Stephanie V said...

Having lived through the Canucks washing out of the Stanley Cup stakes - again! - I can only say: Go, Wings, go!

Gail said...

Congrats! What are you waiting for? Get the puck outta there and go watch the game!

Betty F said...

I saw a little bit of the game last night, while Paul and I ate for the last time at Ricky's restaurant.. In the bar. THEN someone turned the lakers on and I the other TV, I couldn't see. Glad they won..

Rositta said...

Since we don't have a team worth mentioning these days I'll cheer for Detroit, go Wings go. I'm sure you'll see Grapes around...ciao