Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Lure

Bewitched...that's what I am today. After spinning class this morning, I came home and tried to knit. It wasn't happening for me and unlike last Saturday when I went home and fiddled with my spindle for an additional three hours, today was too pretty to spend indoors. I looked at my son and said, "let's go to the zoo. They have a meet your best friend adoption event in the parking lot." Being an agreeable young man, he grabbed his camera and we went.

Most of the dogs were picked through and gone. Pups-all gone. Just the pit mixes, senior dogs, Beagles and a couple of Irish Wolfhounds were left. Never thinking it would happen to me, I fell in love with a lab-pit mix. He was so sweet and absolutely beautiful. When I sat on the ground in the Michigan Humane Society tent, he crawled into my lap to try to sell himself. If we had the approval from the landlord set to go, I'd have whipped out my Visa card and taken him with me. Gosh he was sweet. Feeling the heart tugs, we walked away. I'd hate to adopt a pooch and have to surrender him because the landlord had a change of heart.

Since we were in the neighborhood, we decided to go see what was new in the zoo.

We found this family of Mom, Dad and baby chimps.

And this rather serious Macaque.

And Ted the polar bear having a lie down.

And this rather ticked off bear trying to wake up Ted. The weather was sunny and cool, and the animals were frisky. Even the gorillas were playful today. Inside one exhibit, there was a woman tapping the glass at the gorilla. Clearly, she didn't see the sign warning not to do this. One second she was tapping and the next, a gorilla slammed into the glass scaring the hell out of the annoying woman. It was incredibly funny though it took her a few minutes to get her heart out of her throat.

The entry to the butterfly exhibit has an incredibly beautiful tile mosaic. Once a beautiful zoo that became run down, this jewel is making a comeback. It was nice to see plenty of people out and enjoying the weather and the animals.

The inside of this butterfly's wings were a florescent blue and quite stunning. The exhibit was full of some gorgeous creatures. If it hadn't been so warm indoors, I'd have probably spent a lot more time in there.

That's the extent of my day and now, like Ted, I'm going to go have a lie down. What did you do today?


Joanna said...

Sounds like a lovely day. The photos are great, especially the one of the blossoms and the one of the woman in the matching pink sweater. It it you?

Mimi said...

Lovely photos, lovely day. The zoo is a great day out, isn't it? Did you bring your knitting? My daughter brings hers on car journeys, exactly same as my Mum did! I was never much of one for knitting in the car, prefer to be driving! mimi

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures, I wish I was there. I love going to the zoo.

I would have had a hard time walking away from that sweet dog. I try to stay away from events like that or shelters because no matter how hard I try, I always come home with a dog. Two dogs and a cat is plenty...I guess.

Have a great weekend! Happy knitting.

Rudee said...

Yes Joanna, that's me in last year's pink project. It's getting a lot of wear this spring. Well, that and my raincoat. Today was the exception-partly cloudy, but no rain.

Mimi-the zoo is walking distance from my house. If it weren't for 2 busy roads nearby, I fancy I'd be able to hear the animals at times.

Cheryl, it's a decent zoo again, but nothing like my two favorites in San Diego. I'd love to go back there.

Rose said...

I was just thinking about your spinning class and wondering how it went. Glad you had a good day; I, too, had a little lie down on the couch in the sunroom, mostly just resting and relaxing. And if that was you in the pink sweater, I love your hair!

Brenda said...

That is a great picture of you! I really loved the mosaic peacock picture, and the butterfly. I have a feeling you will be visiting there often.

Anonymous said...

I have to ask...
Was this playing?

Someone told me
Its all happening at the zoo.

I do believe it,
I do believe its true.

Its a light and tumble journey
From the east side to the park;
Just a fine and fancy ramble
To the zoo.

But you can take the crosstown bus
If its raining or its cold,
And the animals will love it
If you do.

Somethin tells me
Its all happening at the zoo.

The monkeys stand for honesty,
are insincere,
And the elephants are kindly but
Theyre dumb.
Orangutans are skeptical
Of changes in their cages,
And the zookeeper is very fond of rum.

Zebras are reactionaries,
Antelopes are missionaries,
Pigeons plot in secrecy,
And hamsters turn on frequently.
What a gas
! you gotta come and see
At the zoo.

Kathleen said...

Great pix!

I feel like Ted. I look like Ted.

You, on the other hand, look "in the pink!"

Hope you get arrangements made with the landlord!

You deserve a dog, a wonderful sweetpea who'll understand your every feeling and love you without condition!

Sigh...maybe I need another dog, too...

Miss 376 said...

Hope you get the consent you need from the landlord. I have no trouble with mine, I adopted his cat with the house, so he can't really say no! Looks like you had a lovely day out

Renie Burghardt said...

Oh, what great pics of a fun outing! Haven't been to the zoo in ages. Well, we don't have a zoo around here. Would have to go to St. Louis for that and that's a 200 mile drive.

Well, it's still raining in my neck of the woods, but got to get ready for church.

Happy Sunday!


flydragon said...

I haven't been to the zoo in ages. How great it would be to live as close to one like you do.
Poor little poochie didn't get a new home, and after trying so hard too. Well, you know where he'll be when you get the landlords approval. Right?

debra said...

So is there a pup in your future?
I had to take Winston, one of our 3 dogs, to the vet yesterday morning. He has an infected tumor in his mouth. I am taking him for surgery tomorrow morning. The vet said he didn't feel good about this... sigh.

Cynthia said...

Hi Rudee, I was up sick last night (UTI) and read your post about going to the zoo. After that I kept hearing,"Something tells me it's all happening at the zoo...I do believe it. I do believe it's true." The song played over and over in my head which was a good distraction!

We used to buy yearly tickets for the San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park when we lived there. I never heard of a gorilla reacting in such an aggressive manner...but I felt that the tapping lady did need a wake-up call. It's hard enough being confined without people intentionally trying to get your attention! My husband would walk by the gorilla exhibit and the male would get so challenged! My mom found it extreemly funny and her laughter made me happy. The gorilla would start banging on his chest and making loud sounds. Maybe he needed a warning to change his "look"...what was it hair,coloring, body shape? !!
Too bad about the dog adoption. My mother had a gentle Pitbull that was so sweet...when we came for a visit my son would sleep with her on the couch. I know they have a bad reputation, but Ms. Pitt was a lovely dog.

I also enjoyed your spinning knitting work in the earlier post. Did you make the yarn? I love the texture and soft look of your piece. Isn't it funny how the size changed so dramatically? I have trouble believing directions too...but I'm not as professional about it. I would have just made a pillow out of that pretty cable soft.

Take care and congratulations on your new home. Thanks for sharing the photos...that was The Detroit Zoo right? I went there once with Grandpa AL (mom's father)when I was about 6 years old. All of my sisters and I wore colorful Chinese hats! It was the best day!I hope your son had a wonderful time.

BTW Why would your landlord change his mind about a dog? I know we had to go to an interview with our Lady Blue to make sure she was the size we said...and to show that she was under control, I guess. <3

Rudee said...

Miss, when we signed the contract for the house, they told us we would have lawn service for a year then told us they don't recall telling us that. It wasn't in the contract. They told us we needed to notify them if we were getting a dog. We did but haven't heard back from them yet, so we'll see how it works out.

Flydragon, I awoke this morning thinking about that dog. The zoo is still hosting that event today...I may throw caution to the wind.

Rudee said...

Debra-I am sooooo sorry.

Rudee said...

Cynthia, that is the Detroit Zoo. My son's been enjoying that zoo since he was a toddler in a stroller. It's gotten much better since then. He loves to take his camera and yesterday, he took 130 pictures he'll fiddle around with now.

Rositta said...

I was sick, sick and more sick with some sort of intestinal bug. We actually went to play bridge with our friends and had to come home before the game started. Their washroom is on the second floor and after three times I just couldn't climb those stair any more. I just woke up from a 14 hour sleep. Today is beautiful and I'm taking my knitting out to the garden. I love the zoo but there isn't one close by...ciao

CT said...

Wow! that is a great day to spend the day... when you are itching to get outdoors, well, I wish I had a place like that here! the first photo had me holding my breath! it was beautifull!

LOL@the lady tapping the gorilla! fun-neee!

Thanks for your kind comments!!!!

Sandy said...

Great photos Rudee and I enjoyed seeing the one of you, I really like your haircut and the color of your hair.

Loved all the animal photos and the butterfly is gorgeous.

Delphine said...

What a day out! Delightful pictures, wish I had been with you!
You are a pretty lady in your pink!

Winifred said...

That was a lovely trip. Love your photos too.

You look very pensive and your pink cardi looks very nice.

Kathleen said...

Oh, I forgot to mention: I want hair just like yours!!!!

Pyzahn said...

Ah, man, I love polar bears. All of ours here in the flatlands zoo died. Very sad. And not good PR for the zoological community.

SkippyMom said...

Love Ted!

Very nice pics and I like the one of you, very pretty.

the rotten correspondent said...

Why did I think you bought your house?