Monday, April 20, 2009

Ricky-Tickin' Striped Socks

I'm waiting patiently for the sun to return. After Friday and Saturday's glorious weather, the sun has been in hibernation. Well over an inch of rain has fallen since Sunday with a bit more expected later today and possibly some snow. Ugh.

Tomorrow though...tomorrow promises 61 sunny degrees. I'm betting these pictures of plants trying to bloom will burst forth tomorrow and Thursday.

Not being a patient person, I started to knit some socks last week to try to jazz the place up with color. One down and one to go. I think the other sock would be done if I wasn't trying so hard to make them match. They're a gift for Sebba.

Yarn: Knit One, Crochet Too Ty-Dy Socks in color #1767.
Pattern: Monkey by Cookie A.


Stephanie V said...

That matching thing can be really tricky. Sometimes, I just let 'er rip. My granddaughter likes them odd. She's a keeper.

Miss 376 said...

These are definitely very cheerful socks, I love them

Brenda said...

Snow?!?!?!? Enough already....although it wouldn't surprise me a bit if it headed our way. I hear we are supposed to get into the 80's a few days from now. The wind here would blow a persons eyelashes off. Love the socks, and I know Sebba will also.

Renie Burghardt said...

The socks are beautiful, Rudee! I love all the colors. A little miss-match won't even show!

Oh, those tulips wont like the snow!

Like Brenda said, we are to be in the low 80s by Thursday. Today was sunny with a wind that just about did blow your eye lashes off. In fact, I have to go look in the mirror to see if mine are still there.

Rositta said...

I love colorful stuff as you know, the socks are amazing. I actually have some daffodils in bloom right now and two weeks ago the snow bells were out. Of course then it snowed and they pretty much got wiped out. I hope there is no more snow but I still have my snow tires on, just in case...ciao

Gail said...

I love those socks!!!!

Djinn said...

Love the colors!

Aren't cables in socks a pain?!? Although this is from some one who came verrrry close to swearing off socks for life. You inspire me to try it again.

Rudee said...

Djinn, the beauty of these socks is that they're not cabled. They're lace. Monkey is a very clever pattern.