Friday, April 3, 2009

Meet My Special Neighbor

I've finally met a couple of the new neighbors. It helps that Thursday was beautiful, sunny and warm. The first guy I met came to the door with a rake and was wanting to clean up my yard. I was tempted, but really, I want to do that myself. I wasn't too comfortable with this guy standing on my porch so I shooed him away as gently as I could.

I met the lady on one side who was laying compost over the strawberries that are growing along the fence line. Don't tell her, but I'm hoping for a crop that creeps onto my side of the fence. As neighbors go, she seems lovely enough, but that's not going to save her berries. Grumpy resides on my other side and he seems very standoffish. He has a lovely young daughter who I met last week-she must have all the personality in the house.  I don't know if there is a Mrs. Grumpy.

Across the street, my nursing eagle eyes have sussed out the fact that there is some around the clock care giving going on over there. Every eight hours, there is a change of shift of women in scrubs. I haven't considered walking to work, but it's an idea if things get tight. I've spent an enormous amount of money this week buying essentials.

I did have a late afternoon visitor who came to the door. He was peering in as though he knew this house and expected me to just let him in to have his way around the place. He didn't even introduce himself. To my knowledge, I've never had a blue eyed peeping Tom before, and now I do. He looks like a mocha latte to me, with extra chocolate sprinkled on top. At least he's honest about his nosiness-no speculation there, he planned on getting to the bottom of who his new neighbors were, and he did. I did ask the strawberry lady if he lived here and his owners left without him. She assured me he lives in the corner house across the street. I felt relieved, but strangely disappointed. Like I need another project right now.


debra said...

What a lovely cat! And if you need strawberries, a friend and I have ordered 75 plants. I'm glad to share :-)

distracted by shiny objects said...

Welcome home:>)
I do believe that Mr. Blue-Eyed Nosy Pants is a good omen.

Jadekitty said...

At least the man wanting to rake leaves seems good hearted so far.
What a pretty kitty, I'm sure he will keep you company while you nap a few strawberries!

Lisa L said...

Let Kitty in! Animals - the best therapy in the world..

Miss 376 said...

What a handsome visitor, I'd definitely be happy to have him come around again

Betty Flocken said...

You described him perfectly! Latte!

flydragon said...

Ha, I love your new not so shy neighbor just sitting there checking you out. Hopefully the rest of the neighbors won't be sitting there peering in like that though.

Rudee said...

Debra-isn't he handsome? He has the bluest eyes!

Distracted-that would be a good name for him.

Jade-I think the man with the rake was looking for a job. I've paid too many contractors this week so he came at a bad time.

Lisa-I would have let him in, but then my son is highly allergic. Hmmm.

Miss-he has such funny markings.

Betty-he does, doesn't he?

Flydragon-I have no curtain on my front door or on the kitchen window-I'm going to remedy that today. I've tried but just haven't found anything I like.

Brenda said...

I like Distracted's name also. Made me laugh...Mr. Blue-Eyed Nosy Pants....ha! He is a handsome little fella. Sounds like everything is falling into place.

Rose said...

I love how the wood floor gleamed in that photo. Hope you're enjoying your new house; it's exciting once the exhaustion passes.

Sandy said...

Loved reading and catching up and hearing about your neighbors. What a beautiful cat.

Renie Burghardt said...

Ah, love your peeping Tom, Rudee! I have one that is lighter in the face, but looks a lot like him. Except it is a she, and I call her Maya.

Sounds like you have some interesting neighbors. And doesn't every neighborhood have a Mr. Grumpy?

Have a lovely weekend!



Kathleen said...

Too funny. Are you a magnet for lost souls?

I'm much more of dog person than cat lady, but I'd have a hard time not inviting Mr. Blue-Eyed Nosy Pants in for tea and stinky fish. He's quite the charmer.

Love the image of eagle-eye nurse.

Sounds like lots of blog fodder in your new neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

It would have been hard to resist that beautiful cat. Glad he/she has a good home. It is funny, in the picture the cat looks like it is welcoming you.
Glad your getting settled in and things are falling into place. I'll keep my fingers crossed about those wonderful red berries.

Winifred said...

What a gorgeous blue eyed boy! A real bonnie lad that one. 'Fraid I would have let him in, couldn't have helped myself. I can't resist a cat. Any size, shape or colour.

Heather said...

awe~very pretty cat...looks alot like my Chloe.

LOL...I think we all have a mr./ms. grumpy.

Cynthia said...

Maybe your new friend with the purrfect fur and lovely eyes will be around like a resident. Cats are independent. I had one who decided to move to a neighboring farm...she didn't like all of the chaos and competition. Do you like your new place? <3