Saturday, April 25, 2009

Half Sloth-Half Woman

Ignoring the boxes I've yet to unpack, I went to spinning class this morning. I made two skeins of yarn and then plied them. I still have weighty issues there, but I'll tell you more about that on The Accidental Spinner. Given the product I've put together so far, I don't think I could have come up with a better name for that blog.

Yesterday, temperatures hit 85 glorious degrees. When I went to bed last night, I opened the window closest to me-not realizing it has no screen in it yet. So that was my chore today-to locate, clean and insert the storms and screens. The first one closest to the bed was a slam dunk. The other three had me breaking out in a not so feminine sweat. I would have cursed, but I was trying to manhandle the damn things and couldn't curse and grunt at the same time. For the life of me, I couldn't get them open. This will never do with my hot flashes. If it's not too hot (or humid), I don't want to turn on the A/C-I'd rather have a breeze. With the windows open, I can hear the train that passes just 2,000 feet from my house. I love that. Oh. And the church bells-I love those too. Maybe I need a less humid day. They're the old fashioned windows on pulleys. Got any suggestions?

Though I ignore the obvious around here, after my visit from Mr. Mocha Latte yesterday, I had to wash the porch. I bought him a catnip mouse which he seemed to love. In order to repay me for his unexpected treat, he peed on the porch and then left. He forgot to take his mouse. Last night, there was a hell of a racket in the back yard. Not coming from a cat neighborhood, I've nothing to compare it to, but I think there was a hell of a cat fight going on. I hope it wasn't my friend, but if it was, I hope he was OK. I didn't see him around today.


Rositta said...

He's a handsome cat. He's marking his territory and your porch is his...ciao

WT said...

Hahahah sounds like there was some pussy there last night, that's normally what they fight over.

I've never been able to get a cat interested in catnip, strange.

Brenda said...

Those cat fights can wake you up from what I remember of owning cats. Now I am off to see the accidental spinner post.

Miss 376 said...

Don't they just know the perfect way to say thank you. You should hear what it is like when the cat next door is in season! Enough to give you nightmares

Kathleen said...

Sounds like you're part of his territory now. Also sounds like the chap is too intact for his own good. Needs a couple strategic snips, if you ask me. He's a mighty fine-looking one, that Mr. Mocha Latte.

Gail said...

Now he shall bring you gifts of his hunts and leave him on your back door step.

Rudee said...

Rositta, I'm afraid you're right. He was on my porch during a storm last night.

WT-this guy seemed to like his catnip.

Brenda-all we heard last night was rain.

Miss- I hope there aren't little kittens running around here. I will be helpless when it comes to taking them in.

Kathleen-isn't he cute?

Gail-oh, I hope not.

Winifred said...

You are definitely his property now. He is absolutely gorgeous though.

My cat is 18 and has been neutered but he'll still put up a fight if any other moggie dares to step on his turf! They are too macho for their own good.