Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Oops--He Did It Again

I work with a wonderful and very sensitive woman (Nurse Sandy) who celebrates every single anniversary she has with her husband like the day they met, their first date, their wedding, etc. Prior to their wedding, they celebrated their anniversary monthly. You get the picture. This is very sweet and as Paula Dean would say, "romantical." I have been married for 21 years and knew my husband 2 years prior to walking down the aisle. He is wonderful in every way except he can't remember important dates to save his life. He misses all the hallmark occasions and every child's birthday. He would miss Christmas Day if I didn't remind him with all the decor, gifts, cooking and knitting frenzy that descends upon our home every December.

He knows my birthday falls sometime around now. He even knows the date. The problem is year after year, he gets the month wrong.Last year, at the end of February, he called me sort of in a panic that he hadn't done his birthday shopping for me but would like to take me out for a fabulous birthday dinner. I was puzzled since my birthday wasn't for another month--and then it dawned on me that he had gotten the dates mixed up yet again. It's not like I wasn't talking a LOT about my 50th birthday coming up-was he just deaf? Being foolish, I rubbed his nose in his mistake. In hindsight, I should have kept my mouth shut and gone along with things; this way I could have enjoyed two birthday celebrations instead of one. I vowed I would never correct this sort of mistake again.

Fast forward a year to this February and I find myself alone with him being away on a work assignment. He came home for the weekend and I think he was feeling guilty about being away so long. I don't know why but that is a conversation for later. We went to eat at a new local mall and he threw down a gauntlet: "when we leave the restaurant, we can go shopping. You can only go to one store and make only one purchase though." I said he was wonderful, not bright. Duh! OK, I'll pick up your gauntlet. After dinner, I dragged him to the Apple store and with the ONE STORE, ONE PURCHASE "rule", I bought a Macbook. The sisterhood of professional shoppers should approve of me rising to such a challenge and coming out victorious. But I digress.

Last night he called from mullet land (once again, he is away for a few weeks)--all proud. This year, he did
NOT forget my birthday! The gift was being shipped. Uh, OK. Immediately I realize what he has done, yet again. I couldn't help myself though and I began to laugh. I tried not to because he did catch on pretty quick. I laughed for 10 minutes straight. He sheepishly told me he was going to cancel the flower order scheduled for delivery at my work this weekend. I chuckled all night long. Thanks sweety because more than I love you for everything else, I love the way you make me laugh.

This morning, the fed ex man showed up at my door:

I love you honey-thanks for the Blackberry!


Willowtree said...

Real men don't remember dates. I actually invited people to our wedding on the wrong day!

Our wedding is either a day before or a day after my licence expires and I always get them mixed up (see, after 27 years I'm still not sure which!).

Birthdays aren't so bad.

Rudee said...

I was sidetracked with the "real men" opening and almost completely missed your second sentence. Hope your guests had a good time anyways! lol