Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I Brake for Yarn

OK now. I am better today; it never ceases to amaze me that sleep restores one's mental health and emotional state like no cocktail could ever accomplish. This morning over a cup of coffee, I looked around the internet and came upon this question from Rotten Correspondent: If you had only one hour and $20, what would you do? You can see the entire post here because if you want to play the game, there are stipulations to her question. 

I knew what I would do: yarn store. What is it with me and yarn? Last night I came home from work to find the results of my latest fall into EBAY madness waiting for me. Twenty five skeins of Sisik, a lovely wool and mohair blend from Dale of Norway that is now discontinued (I have no clue why). All one color (lucky me, all one color lot too). What did I do? How in the hell can I use all this yarn? (Note to self: stay away from yarn vendors for a while. You can't possibly knit up what you own in the next 5 years so just STOP IT!) Wait a sec while I do the math here: that is 1,250 grams in weight or 44 ounces which sounds MUCH better, 3,700 yards (around 3400 meters) or 2.1 MILES which sounds much worse to me. Like I said, this is all in one color-black- although it does have beautiful flecks of primary colors throughout. For my size, I'd need about 1/3 of this total amount for a not too big sweater. Two skeins will make a pair of socks. That leaves 15 skeins of leftovers. I think I've officially crossed over into full blown OCD with yarn hoarding "issues".

Knowing myself quite well, I know that when these things are done, I will tire of this yarn (I will become enamored of something softer and prettier) and the remainder will be banished to one of the large plastic containers that reside under my bed. I will need to buy a new container to put it in because the others are STUFFED full. In fact, there may not be space under the bed for another box-and its a king sized bed. I should go to IKEA and buy some sort of yarn storage system.  I'm a bit afraid to do this though because I know I will feel COMPELLED to fill it up!

This mornning as I sipped my coffee and fondled my new yarn, I recalled a time in my distant past (when I was young and dumb) of a nite on the town and the game of making a pyramid out of shot glasses that my friends and I had emptied. Today I played the game with my yarn.


The Rotten Correspondent said...

Pavlov would be proud of my reaction to that yarn picture. Salivary overload. It looks great.

I have so far avoided the yarn link you warned me about falling into. But I can feel my resistance weakening...

Rudee said...

Oh go ahead and give in. Don't say I didn't warn you that it was a huge time suck though... Just click on the link to Ravelry on my sidebar and go. It takes about 2 weeks or so to get your invitation (they add about 1000 people a week). When I joined, it took months. Hopefully, I'll see you there. And if you are in the market for some Sisik, let me know.