Monday, February 4, 2008

The good, the bad and the really ugly

I have not gone without shaving my legs and underarms for decades. Ever since I was 12 and old enough to pick up a razor (and hairy enough to be compelled to do so), I have shaved. I am half Lebanese for God's sake. It is a DAILY ritual in the shower. It has been a week now since my aesthetician in training daughter told me I am to be her guinea pig (she called it a model-but I know what it really is) for waxing at the END of the month. "Stop shaving now" she said sweetly. Uh, I notice and you will too, she told me-she didn't ask me to stop shaving. That she did so sweetly is a plot. This was followed promptly by a text message that she performed this task in a stellar way at her school the Douglas J Aveda Institute. And she LOVED it. I was aghast. OMG-a month without shaving. I don't think I can bear it. Was she sniggering at me in that text? Is she all atwitter with the excitement of ripping hair off my legs and (I feel a little faint) my underarms? Oh, and she'll do a full arm waxing too. Is she gonna let me have it finally? All that pent up angst from her teenage years-she'll finally get her revenge. And me planning my 2nd Annual Good Riddance To Winter Dinner.

She knows what this is. It is a must that it happen in February! It is a thing. To be sure, it has only happened once before, but it is my creation. My idea. My way of fighting the winter doldrums. Something to get me out of my winter funk. My friends and I dress in summer attire and go out to eat-preferably somewhere with tropical decor- IN THE DEAD OF WINTER. Somewhere like this while the outside the scenery looks more like this.

This is something that requires prior proper planning. It means invitations are sent, reservations are made, pounds are shed in an effort to slip into something summery (if that fails, then a trip to the tanning salon is in order because we all know that winter fat looks better with tan). It means a trip to DSW for the proper slinky shoe and a trip to the salon for a pedicure to go with it. And last but not least, it means shaving one's legs and underarms. I can't do this sleeveless and wearing trousers. I can't do it if she takes skin with the hair either....Nah. That can't happen, can it?

Being somewhat worried about all this, I cast on another Mercurial Moebius Shawl in Mountain Colors Bitterroot colorway. That is about the only good in this post. The really ugly? I snapped the cast on picture whilst it laid across my hairy leg. Yep. I need a tan.

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