Monday, May 9, 2011

On keeping faith

He shoots....He SCORES!

I can't tell you how many times in my life I've heard those words, but it's a lot. Growing up, I was surrounded by hockey fans, but none more rabid than some of my own family members. From the time my brother could walk, he was playing "hockey" in the long hallway of our suburban home. By himself. He was both goaltenders, and the only player, but for hours, he'd entertain himself. The hardwood floor told the tale of all of his games. When he got a little older, he played the sport on a team, on real ice. And then, well, life has a way of going on, but he still adores hockey and his beloved Red Wings. I doubt he's missed attending, watching or listening to a single game--especially playoff games.

Late last night, I knew I wouldn't be disturbing him by shooting a text when the Wings finally threw a little chum on the ice for the Sharks and drew blood. Of course he was awake and watching. I can count on him being right where he's supposed to be during a game because he is a die hard fan, not a fair weather associate.

He was a fan when everyone here called his favorite team the Dead Wings. The franchise couldn't give away tickets in those days and it was not uncommon to see empty seats in the arena. Still, my brother had faith, and for that he was rewarded with some hockey fan glory days. Even though this series with the Sharks was not going our way, I doubt my brother's faith was tested.

Mine own was wavering. I had visions of a sweep, and not the way the one with the Coyotes went down...more like last year's with the Sharks. Going into game 4, down by 3 games, the Wings pulled a rabbit out of the hat and forced game 5. Against all odds, last night they forced game 6 and my brother's team is still alive in the playoffs.

I'm quite sure that's no surprise to a man with faith.


SkippyMom said...

Since our Caps got swept in 4 games in the second series [boo!] we had to find a team to root through to the Cup and the Wings it is :D We have quite a few friends who are Wings fans [you included] so it was an easy pick.

Fingers crossed. Fingers crossed.

Brenda said...

I live with hockey and baseball fans but I am not one myself. I have heard my husband talk about the Red Wings history and success in the last several years. I was happy that our baseball Cardinals won a World Series in my son's lifetime. Now I just wish he could see his hockey team win a cup someday. He has season tickets for both sports. I hope he can hang on to his faith like your brother did. I hope your team wins Rudee!

The Bug said...

I'm a Penguins fan because I like penguins. What do you meant that doesn't make sense? :)

Rudee said...

No Penguins fans live in Michigan, Ms. Bug. No matter though, as they didn't survive long enough this time around.

Skippy, every Red Wings fan in Michigan would tell you it's OK to cheer for Tampa (once you get over the sting). We all adore Stevie Y and were sad to lose him to the Lightning.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for a wonderful note....I have been to a playoff game this year; the Joe was electric.
I turned down a chance for tomorrows game; why? I'm glad you asked; they won the last two games after I moved the furniture around in the house; my chair is waiting for me. Can't change the MOJO of the house change.

Ruddie, I think there are a couple waddle Bird; I mean Penguin fans in Michigan. We in Detroit are all on the same page about Gary Betmans's poster boy Cindy Crosby!
Cindy is a Bug; squish him..



Rudee said...

And if you're all reading this far, I rest my case re the rabid hockey fan I grew up with.

Enjoy the game, Fudge.

Devon said...

My parents grew up in San Jose, CA... I was born there and all of my family loves the Sharks... I don't follow hockey, so Go Red Wings! I'm a 49er fan all the way!

(Queenmothermamaw) Peggy said...

Glad to hear that you and your brother's sakes. Of course we are not into hockey here like the other sports but I am always glad when a fan is still getting to root for his or her team. Happy Nurses Day to you and your co-workers too.

Denise said...

Duane is the same way with the Blackhawks, Cubs and Bears. I understand totally.