Sunday, May 22, 2011

Blackbeard, zombies and mermaids...oh, my!

It's with great relief to find we're still here today. After all, we missed Full Moon Movie Night last Sunday and are looking forward to correcting both that oversight, and finding the fountain of youth.

What could possibly be better than a tasty Italian dinner with Johnnie Depp for dessert?



Brenda said...

Most people think I am crazy because I have never seen a movie with Johnny Depp. May have to put that on my "to do" list.

Rudee said...

You've never seen a JD movie? Not even Alice in Wonderland, or Sleepy Hollow? Edward Scissorhands? Don Juan DeMarco? I find if it's the combo of JD & Tim Burton, I'm going to be entertained, at least for a little while.

Ruth said...

Still here. Spent a lovely day yesterday wondering aroung arould local quilt and craft show - lots of amazing quilts much stuff to buy. Then drinks with friends. A all toghether relaxing day - now must attack the pile of work.

Denise said...

Brenda is not alone. I haven't watched a movie with Johnny Depp either.

We knew if the rapture happened we would still be here.