Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Cowboy Way

Nurse Rudee's completely impractical city girl cowboy boots.

In a work induced hangover, I awakened slowly and so late on Saturday. I admit that the moment I clocked out at 2 AM Saturday morning, I poured myself a glass of red wine and by 4 AM I was asleep. One glass shouldn't make me feel sluggish or make me sleep 4 hours past the 8 AM alarm to go spinning, so I'm blaming my exhaustion on the six day work week, 4oo miles driven between visits and the fact that at 8 AM Friday, I had to go to a mandatory staff meeting.

I was tempted to call off Saturday's plan for a late (or early) full moon movie night with my best friend, but I didn't since we'd already missed December's movie night. As we were on the phone tightening up our plans, my husband butted in wanting to know what "we" were all supposed to wear out that night. He's working, so really, he was just playing us. We told him since we were going to see True Grit, we were wearing cowboy boots, of course. Duh. Still not certain of the movie we should see, I suggested, The Fighter. Fanette said, "ooh, Mark Wahlberg is in that," to which I commented, " I think he's a hottie."

"Yeah," she said, "we'll have to dress differently for that."

While not strictly cowboy, they really are made by Frye. They'll do.

ETA: By the way, True Grit was good--better than the last Matt Damon movie we saw in November, the title of which neither of us could recall. Frankly, I've never seen a disappointing Coen brothers movie, have you?
These boots will have another movie night out when we go see Cowboys and Aliens in the summer. I'm not sure though...for Daniel Craig AND Harrison Ford, I may have to dress them up a bit.


Jadekitty said...

Those boots are beauties!

Gail said...

Glad you enjoyed the movie and got a night out!

Finding Pam said...

That movie sounds like it should be interesting especially with Ron Howard directing it.

I am glad that you got to see your movie. That is a long work week you had.

laurie said...

those are some kick-ass boots, Rudee.

unmitigated me said...

I loved True Grit, too, but figure out whatever it is you need to wear to see The King's Speech, because Incredible AND Colin Firth.

distracted by shiny objects said... had me at "cowboy!"
Agree with Unmitigated Me. Do not miss The King's Speech. Huge fan of the Queen Mother now. Love her and might just friend her on FaceBook :>)

Stephanie V said...

Sassy boots!

SkippyMom said...

I had a pair of Frye's too growing up - but mine were actual cowboy boots. Stitching and pointy toes and all.

Well, except for the 3 inch heel. :D

Loving yours.

sapphireblue said...

Okay, I'm from West Texas and refuse to wear cowboy boots. You're boots are not as bad as what I've seen some wanna be cowgirls wearing in TX.

I really want to see True Grit.

The Bug said...

Love those boots! I wonder if I could walk in them? I'm a bit heel challenged (klutzy would be the unkind dscription).

Tinker said...

I miss you! Haven't seen you in ages! Hope all is well. Sounds like you are a busy lady. Hope to see you some Saturday morning soon! I have not seen either True Grit or The King's Speech - you're way ahead of me.
Fellow spinner - Lisa