Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Counting the days

It was three years ago today that I started my little blog. For three years and through 987 posts, I've been anesthetizing you by sharing the daily exploits of a boring hospice nurse who just so happens to knit. There is no charge for this service. I do this out of love. After all, conscious sedation is one of my specialties.

Though this will post on Tuesday, I wrote it on Monday. Still feeling hungover from last week, I clocked into work remotely and realized when I hung up the phone, I'd pushed the code to clock out instead of into work. This mistake may have been wishful thinking, but inadvertently, I'd created a monster which will perpetuate itself without correction and now I will have to involve my boss because I can't fix my own mistake. Sheesh. Did I mention it's only Monday? When I thought about the whole thing, I realized I likely didn't clock out Saturday at 0h two hundred and since the pay period ended Saturday night, I really messed things up. It should take at least 2 pay periods to fix my sloppy time keeping skills. Ugh.

I need that vacation that's coming soon, don't you agree? I'm counting down the days (32 to be exact) on this beautiful Australian calender that Ruth sent me (see top photo). I like looking at it because when I see photos like that, I can pretend I'm there and it's likely warmer than here. Much warmer. The temperatures here are still in the 20s and we're to get a little snow today. I'll not despair as the countdown to Ground Hog's Day is just a few short weeks away. Whatever may happen, the days are getting longer and sooner or later, this frigid weather will go away.

To help myself feel better, I temporarily set aside the second mitten (unfinished) and cast on, Pimpelliese, a little something I think will be quite special when done. I'm using Blue Ridge Yarns Kaleidoscope in the Mossy Hollow colorway. Instantly, I was transported to spring--never mind that I ripped the first repeat out 3 times before I got it right. The colors are perfect for spring and the yarn came from Virginia. I'd been waiting for the right project to come along for this yarn and last night, there it was right before my eyes. I was helpless in the process. A clever little pattern, it begins with only 7 stitches and grows in width on one side of the marker. The other side of the marker is the border which helps me because I don't have to add it at the end. It'll all be finished at the same time. Done in garter stitch, there are no purl stitches--only knit stitches, yarn overs and decreases.

Lastly, I thought you'd like a word or two about Leo. He's been so good lately and I'm truly hoping his winning streak will continue. There have been some break-ins in the neighborhood and we had a discussion that we'd feel better if the dog wasn't crated. We started with short little trips and on Friday, he was on his own for most of the night. Nothing was chewed, no food missing, no messes to come home and clean. In short, he was very successful and I'm so happy for him. Not that he minds his crate, because he doesn't; it's just that he seems happier loose and able to stretch out on the sofa.

Here he is trying to conquer his desire to shred the paper on the floor and balance that with his desire to please me by paying attention when I tell him no. I won. So did he. We were both pleased with the outcome. He's been a welcome and refreshing addition to our little family and I'm thrilled he's adapted so well.

I'd like to say thanks to everyone who reads and to all of you who have become long distance friends and pen pals. I never imagined how much fun writing a blog and reading all of yours could be and can say that this is definitely an entertaining part of my life.

Oh... And I'm giving away a little something as is my tradition on my blogiversary. Leave a comment by Friday night at midnight and win a fabulous hank of my handspun yarn (I think it's BFL) in the Sangria colorway that my friend Sarah dyes so beautifully. This will be awarded by random selection. Don't knit? Leave your comment and I'll make you a hat or cowl to help ward off what's left of winter's chill.


Denise said...

I hope your boss is more sympathetic about your time than mine were.

It's going to be in the 70's here in Tucson this weekend.

That shawl is very pretty, and the pattern looks interesting. Love those colors.

Happy Blogiversary.

Ruth said...

Thank you for your blog and sharing your life with us.
The beautiful picture of the Bungle Bungles in the north of West Australia. I have only flown over them would love to drive a little closer than I have been, there is no fear of snow there - most of the year frightfully HOT although in the dry cooler months the nights can be a bit chilly with nice warm days. I love the colour of the dirt and the light that happens in the Kimberley it is just beautifull.

Keep warm and I hope the boss is understanding.

Miss 376 said...

Oh what a beautiful colour, that should lift the spirits.
Hope it doesn't take too long to get things sorted out. These things happen, and you're only human after all!
I've enjoyed your three years, hope you have a happy fourth blogging year

Jadekitty said...

Yea for three years! That color is just lovely.

jeannette said...

Congrats, Rudee with your blog anniversary! Not to forget a "thank you" for all the encouraging and humorous comments you've sent me!
The shawl looks very cute -and I especially like the edge.
Happy for you that Leo adjusted well to your family:)

debra said...

Interesting place, this cyber-fence we chat over. So glad I found you--although I have absolutely no idea how. The colors in the piece you're knitting are glorious, a welcome respite from the shades of white and gray that have filled my world these days. More snow is on the way---are you sending it?

Rose said...

Ooh, is it selfish of me to want more of your handspun? I swear, I get more compliments on the scarf I knit with your Crazy Woman yarn than anything else I wear. I love the shawl, but the name of it is. . .odd, or is it just my 8th grade mentality? I agree, blogging turned out to be way more fun and social than I anticipated! Thanks for your blog and your friendship.

Amy said...

Good boy, Leo!!!

As for the yarn...

The Bug said...

Congrats on the three years! I just walked back from my desk after helping my boss fix MY timecard from yesterday - apparently I forgot to clock out for lunch although I clocked back in which bolluxed everything up.

I don't knit, & I would LOVE something knitted from you, but I haven't been a follower that long so the prize should go to someone else :)

Devon said...

Congratulations Rudee! I love reading your blog... you write so well. Very entertaining!

I hope you get that well deserved vacation soon. I thought I had today off, was looking so forword to it as it has been awhile, but alas, I'm off to an advanced ostomy class.

Not quite the same as knitting with my new boxed DVD set of Miss Marple that I had planned!

Stephanie V said...

Happy birthday to your blog! I consider it my lucky day when blog-hopping brought me here. I look forward to many more mornings with you.

That pink/green yarn is so spring-ish. Knitting winter wear does seem to have gone on for a while now - let's have a change. We can be prepared for spring...and have colors that make us smile.
I'd love to have some of your beautiful yarn. Count me in.

Finding Pam said...

I am so glad that I found your awesome blog. Happy Blogaversary to you.

And so far it is only Monday? I hope you have a better week.

I love the yarn and the colors in your shawl. I would love to win anything you made!

Leo is finally adjusting. Does he bark? Our dobie does not bark very much or very loud.

Have a wonderful week.

sapphireblue said...

It's absolutely freezing here. That shawl is lovely and so it that yarn. Your knitting amazes me.

Mausie1 said...

Wow 3 years.. Even though I haven't been following that long I love reading about your day's-nite's... and all your projects...you do have a great way of telling your stories..
Happy Blog Anniversary......love the yarn its color is great.many things one could do with it.,lol
Hugs from South Texas.... ( where this 10 am its a cold 36 *)

unmitigated me said...

I am in Dallas right now, where the temp is about 25 degrees. Fahrenheit. Brr! I could use a pretty hat!

NCmountainwoman said...

Congratulations on three years of blogging. I always enjoy your posts, whether about your work, your knitting, the dog, or your in-laws. Keep it up!

Rositta said...

Ruder, I'm glad I found your blog and I read it most days. I don't always comment though (bad me) and I'll change my ways. Anything for some handwork yarn. I can't believe it's been three years, time passes too quickly. Have a great day :)

willowtree said...

Happy Blogiversary Rudee!!! Well done.

Sandy said...

Enjoyed the post and that is beautiful what you are knitting. I still have Leo's photo that I plan on drawing soon...I really want to give it a try...

Glad to read he behaved himself. And ouch, timekeeping, checks, all that..I'm so glad I don't work anymore.