Sunday, December 5, 2010

Where in the world is Isaac?

Thanksgiving here was dreary, cold and wet, but my kitchen, sans heating vent, was sweltering. Around 2 PM, I opened the windows and was serenaded by Isaac the Pit's nonstop barking. He was cold, wet, and miserable, but the woman who takes care of Isaac ignored him. For hours we listened to him bark and tried to find ways to keep Leo occupied. He wanted to go out and bark, too.

I can recall cursing my neighbor the entire time I was cooking. How ignorant can you be to allow your dog to bark for hours on a holiday, let alone allow him to be miserable? Better to bring him in and crate him so at least he's warm and dry. I cursed her level of intellect at least a dozen times.

Since then though, we've not seen Isaac. Nor heard him.

A part of me is thankful because this dog is a scary creature to behold, but the rest of me is worried about him. It's possible that my neighbor's daughter has finally come from Maryland to fetch her dog, but I don't know for sure.

So we do a little watchful waiting. Leo goes out half a dozen times a day and makes a fruitless circuit around the garage hoping to find his friend. Each time he returns, he looks disappointed. He's taken to barking some at Muttley, the Wheaton Terrier who lives two doors down, but Muttley is deaf and doesn't bark back much.

Compared to Isaac, Muttley must be a drag for Leo.

On the knitting front, I made another Burberry Inspired Cowl in less than 4 hours using Como by Debbie Bliss. I was unable to finish it as my yardage was a bit short. Pictures Monday when I get some more yarn. Incidentally, the cream colored one was stolen. Someone came for dinner and left with more than beef stew. The thief modeled the cowl for me and never took it off. It's OK, I'll just give my boss her address so she can go fetch her own holiday gift.


The Bug said...

LOL about your thief. I'm sure if I came for dinner you'd need to search my pockets (& neck).

That's troublesome about Isaac. I hate a mystery like that. Our neighbor's dog barks at their house the whole time he's outside - no matter the weather. He always want in on the action! I'm hopeful that they don't leave him outside in our current frigid temps. But we have an ok relationship with the boy - we'll talk to him if we think they're not doing right by Hunter.

OK, the word verification is manicati. It's making my mouth water. I would LOVE some manicotti for 2nd breakfast!

Brenda said...

Hopefully the daughter fetched her dog. I am sure the word will come out around the neighborhood...if he barked that much. I suspect the thief is your daughter. That is funny!

Finding Pam said...

Oh, that poor dog. I can't stand it when people don't take care of their pets. Let us know what you find out about Issac.

Can't say that I blame the theif for taking such a lovely item.

You are getting much faster at knitting them.

debra said...

here's hoping Isaac is safe and sound.

sapphireblue said...

Maybe Isaac is with a good owner that can take care of him.