Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Muddy Bits

Wine bottle included so you may gauge the size of the hat. I'll polish that off later tonight.

This work is done...mostly.

Now I enter the phase of knitting that I seem to like the least--cleaning up the loose ends and hemming. As the knowledge and art of knitting have progressed for me, I've learned to weave in most ends as I knit and have only to snip them off. I still have to reinforce the color work on the star, block, and hem before I can call it a hat.

The matching gloves are calling me, though I think I want to adapt the pattern to convertible gloves or mittens. I'll decide as I move along.

Fare thee well forest mitts

Speaking of mittens, I lost my Deep in the Forest Mittens sometime last week. Likely they were left at a start of care I did at a nursing home in the heart of Detroit. Since most of the population there seems to be homeless people that were placed there, I don't feel right about hunting them down. This train of thought is in keeping with my idea that there are no accidents. I just hope they were found by someone in need and that they're keeping somebody else warm and toasty. Fingers crossed they don't find their way to a washer and dryer.


Rose said...

Wow, your colorwork is awesome! I am feeling the same about giving knits away (although I would be sad about losing them). I pulled every finished knitted project out of my pile and gifted them out willy-nilly this year and feel like continuing the trend.

sapphireblue said...

Lovely work! I am sure the mittens went to good use.

SkippyMom said...

I was so in awe of your work and showing it to the family that I forgot to leave a comment when I was here hours ago. OOPS!

Just amazing Rudee - I have no idea how you knit something like those, but the are gorgeous. Sorry about your mittens, but I hope someone is appreciating them the way they should be. Warm and little works of art. Amazing.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

oh the hat is wonderful, the mittens too, sorry they are gone honey.

smiles, bee

debra said...

the Deep in the Forest mittens are so beautiful. So glad you've enjoyed them. xo

ari_1965 said...

That's really a nice thought you have about the lost gloves. You're really not a bad old girl.

Joanna said...

Oh my, Rudee. Those forest mitts are just so beautiful. I'm sorry you lost them and I hope that they are keeping someone's hands warm. At least you know you can make another pair for yourself.(Although I imagine that it took a great deal of time, not to mention talent!)

Stephanie V said...

So, a fellow process knitter. I hate the finishing, too. But I do love your hat - just the red makes it look warm and toasty.

Too bad about the mittens. They are beautiful and I know they're warm, too. I'm sure they have a worthy home.

Michaela said...

Wow, u r SO clever! The hat looks brilliant!!! happy New Year, love Michaela xxoo

jeannette said...

Yes, the ends, the ends:( Funny thing is after you have spend so much time in knitting, that the ends are sometimes a hurdle.
The mittens are beautiful, but I agree - you can knit them again!