Monday, December 20, 2010

Twas the Monday before Christmas

Walnut bread

And all through the joint,
dustballs were gathering at every point.
Dogs were begging and trying to steal a cookie
Husband was moping and saying, "what does that mean you're too busy for nookie?"

The knitter was panicked and sure she wouldn't complete
all of those projects laying around in a heap.
Just as she was about to abandon all hope,
the stubborn soul within her yelled out, "not yet--nope!"

Radio playing Christmas carols in the background
The knitter repeated her mantra, "one more round, one more round."
One by one, to her complete disbelief, the projects were magically done
and the knitter yelled out "finally, I've won, I've won!"

Rachel's hat and nearly done cowl.

Though I'm beginning to have flickers of doubt in respect to finishing my top secret project, I won't give up hope. I've pared the bauble rows from 60 minutes to 35 minutes and have only 6 of those to go and then I'll be knitting rounds. I will finish that, but it's not looking good for the honey bread. I did finish the walnut bread--6 loaves--and some sour cream cut out cookies (sans cookie cutters), so at least that's something. While the frosting was setting up on the cookies, the food thief who lives amongst us exited the kitchen madly licking his chops. Upon inspection of the looming disaster, I found one cookie missing an edge and another licked clean of its frosting.

Yes, that's flour on my nose...why do you ask? I was just helping.

The joys of owning a big dog who can find trouble anywhere are endless.

Reports from Mr. Larger Than Life land indicate bad behavior is escalating prior to the holiday and his daughter's arrival. I hope she doesn't worry too much though, as I've made us a liter of fig vodka.

All will be well.


The Bug said...

LOL - love the poem! Yes, all will be well. Really!

Winifred said...

That was lovely. My all that baking and knitting. Me I'm just running around in circles shopping, babysitting, going to Nativity plays, carol concerts, school Christmas Fairs, orthodontist, visiting care home and more babysitting. No time to bake! Just a minute I thought I retired. So what went wrong?

Hope you and your family have a great Christmas and a wonderful year in 2011 Ruth.

Brenda said...

Ha...I loved your poem. I would have to say Leo has improved if all he ate was the frosting. Maybe he doesn't have much of a sweet tooth. You amaze me with all that you accomplish!

(Queenmothermamaw) Peggy said...

Hey you are a poet too. Good job. those are great items you have for Rachel. Did I tell you that I have a Rachel too? I am not as ambitious as you to do any baking. Looks good.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

an absolutely adorable post! LOVE it!

smiles, bee

SkippyMom said...

Oh, Leo, Leo, Leo. I am sorry, but I think he is cute. Reminds me of Scooby - but then again I don't think Scooby is so cute 'cause it is happening to us. heehee We have just learned to put stuff way, way, way up high and to lock up scorces of water.

Love your projects - very pretty. And yummy looking :D

ari_1965 said...

I like the hat on the left.

Kat Mortensen said...

That was a great take on "The Night Before" - love the talking to yourself and the determination.

That doggy-face really made me smile (even though it's 4:30 a.m. and I can't sleep).

Have a wonderful Christmas, Rudee!


sapphireblue said...

That hat is soooo cute!

Stephanie V said...

Glad you've not lost your sense of humor. The poem is great! Leo looks like the perfect kitchen helper LOL.

Sandy said...

Fig vodka, oh the photo of that cute dog which I saved off and hope to try sketching after the new year if that's okay that I use the photo.

Love the poem...nookie, haha..

have a great holiday...

Sandy said...

Okay leo...I keep wanting to call him "cubby". He knows I'm right.

for some reason Leo the name escapes me but Cubby comes to mind when I look at him..

Sandy said...

so, sorry, but to me he'll be cubby..ha.

Rudee said...

Sandy, you're free to use the photo. Please sketch an apron and chef's hat on him. lol

Finding Pam said...

What a great post about all of the things you are doing. I am so not there. Everything looks great.

Love the picture of Leo. We just found out that Carmen,our dobie, has cancer. I don't know what my sister will do with out her.