Monday, November 1, 2010

Where's in the World is Finder?

My MacBook has been crippled for about a month, maybe more, at which time, Finder mysteriously left town. For those of you who don't have a Mac, here is a description of Finder's all important job:
The Dock in Mac OS X provides fast, one-click access to frequently used applications, folders, files, and even downloads from the Internet. The Finder makes working with your files and documents as easy as browsing your iTunes library.

Though most applications continued to work, I could only FIND them the hard way. I tried to shut down my computer, but because Finder wasn't working, it couldn't shut down any of my applications like mail, Safari, or iPhoto. I kept getting an error message that the finder application wouldn't open because it couldn't be found. I couldn't slurp up photos from the internet, open certain applications or download security updates. For whatever reason, Finder had left me and I was too lazy to go talk to an Apple Genius, but only because whenever I go to an Apple store, there are 759, 243 people in front of me.

Long story son came by to download his photos from the Penn State game (Michigan's third loss in a row), and said, "your Finder isn't working." No kidding. Really? So he fixed it. He shut off the power, rebooted and when he did, Finder was back from vacation.

Sheesh. Simple as that? I had thought of this as an option, but was fearful that if Finder was really lost, nothing would open with a hard restart. Since it wasn't his laptop, my son had no such fear.

Sometimes I think too much.

For Skippy: Trevor on a Stick eating Thai food somewhere in the middle of Pennsylvania.

Since it's All Saint's Day, I suppose I have St. Anthony to thank (in addition to my son) for finding Finder.

I'd show you my own pictures from the weekend, but it was rather dull. Miles and miles of stockinette were knit, but I swear, this project will never be finished. While I started it last February with the intent of wearing it by spring, I fear it won't be done until next spring.


SkippyMom said...

THANK YOU Rudee - I laughed so loud at that pic when I scrolled upon it. Gosh - your son and his friends are a heck of a lot of fun.

Glad you got Finder back [isn't it amazing how kids always state the obvious "Hey Mom - you don't have Finder." lol

Have a great day and thanks again for the laugh. Tell Trevor he has a fan in blogland.

Stephanie V said...

Isn't it great to have these clever kids? Even if they do make us feel somewhat antique.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

well yay for finder coming back! and pad thai for flat trevor on a stick...

smiles, bee

BJ said...

I don't have a Mac....and know nothing about Finder. But I do know that I've been intimidated many times by my laptop.....and resorted to name calling on many occasions! you...always overthink everything! I hate myself when I do that...and realize that it is so unnecessary. Someone would have a good ole time analyzing me...LOL.

Glad Finder is back from vacation...and I have to admit...I did get a good laugh from your post! And your son has a great sense of humor too!

Rositta said...

I'm working on a crappy old laptop these days and I'm constantly having to reboot the sucker. I'd get a Mac if I could but they are beyond my budget. I'd rather buy yarn I guess. By the way, I now have 7 unfinished projects including one that is also miles of stockinette stitch. I'm thinking of tossing them all into a big bin and starting something new, LOL...ciao

Finding Pam said...

I am glad your son figured it out. That is what my sons do too. Kids are just so much techno savey.

Loved the photo.

Brenda said...

Turning things off and then back on again these days is the way to go. You wouldn't believe how many times we do that here for all of our computers. I think I can tell Brian is the one with the football because he looks like you. Was I right? Looks like he has some pretty cool friends.

Rudee said...

Yes, Brenda, that's my son.