Tuesday, November 2, 2010

True Confession

At times, even a fur coat is not enough.

Sometimes, I demonstrate a profound lack of intellect.

While my kitchen is miniature small, I find I have decent enough storage and the space is OK for one cook. There isn't much room for two people wielding sharp knives. It's comfortable for me though, and everything is new which is a plus. The big advantage to a small space is that it takes no time at all to clean. However, there is something that I missed on inspection when we bought this home, and the irony here is that there weren't any appliances present to block my view of what was missing. I just didn't see it and so did not recognize that what should have been there, simply was not.

There are no heating vents.

While there are plenty of things to keep things cold like granite, tile floors and stainless steel, the only thing keeping me warm in there are a couple of rugs and a small space heater that I picked up on Saturday. It also helps to be clad in wool.

The buddy system helps.

Did I mention it's cold here in the Big D? Freezing, frosty, nippy, chilly, frigid, and near wintry. Oh wait. Wintry? That's right. Thursday night into Friday morning will bring a rain/snow mix. As I write this at 11 AM, it's only 37 degrees (that's 3 degrees for my friends who measure in celsius).

Miles and miles of stockinette take time to knit and help keep my lap warm. Sadly, I have not learned to knit and cook simultaneously.

Tell me again...why did I need to buy a home with character?


Mausie1 said...

Oh my it is a bit nippy in the Big D.. we have a chilli wet 55 here in South Texas which is cool for us,,, but I must say I love it. Now regarding your heat in the kitchen.. some baking will warm it up quite nicely..........lol.. Isn't Christmas just around the corner and cookies need to be made? Or Thanksgiving???
Hugs from South Texas. Birgit

Kat Mortensen said...

We're in the middle of trying to sell a home with character at the moment. Viewers must be less interested in the character and more concerned with the age.
We lived with a chilly house for 10 years, but we DID have a vent in the kitchen! You can knit and microwave!


sapphireblue said...

My living room and kitchen are always cold. Your knitting project looks very warm. Your "pack" looks cozy.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

put something wonderful in your oven! ha ha

smiles, bee

Brenda said...

It does sound cold there Rudee! BRRRR...Leo and Brian have the right idea though. No vents...even on the floor? What ever you are working on looks great. I just learned something about knitting....the hard way of course. Do not knit big things on sticks. After I bound off on a lace edging for a blanket....my mistakes showed up big time. I couldn't see them when they were all bunched up on the needles. I have to go invest in some needles like you have here. Had to frog back a lot last night.

Finding Pam said...

Leo looks so cute all bundled up. Here in east Texas our high was about 57 and drizzling rain. I like this kind of weather much better than the hot humid summer.

Does Leo have a coat to wear when it is really cold? My SIL made Carmen two coats and she loves to wear them out side. Dobies don't like the rain or cold.

Gail said...

Cute shots but how in the world are you going to heat it??

Rositta said...

Poor Rudee...character houses do have deficiencies from time to time. Must admit though that in all my years in the housing business I never ran into one that didn't have a heating vent in the kitchen. Bedrooms once in a while, but never a kitchen. It's cold here too, -1c this morning, brrr...ciao

Cynthia Pittmann said...

Oh Rudee! I hope you get warm soon. A house with character...what an excellent way to describe your home. You have to remember that when you're huddled over the heater. :-/ I used to sit by the oven in California because "they say" it never get's cold there...but we had hail and brisks days. I know that doesn't compare, but when I was in Michigan a couple weeks ago, I didn't have the proper attire for the temps...I was freezing in the big D too. Thanks for your comment on my blog. You are a perceptive reader, and I so appreciate your insight.
What a sweet cuddle picture!

NCmountainwoman said...

Chilly and rainy here as well. I pulled out a heavy alpaca shawl I put away for the summer because it was too hot on my lap. If this weather continues, I'll have it completed in no time.

debra said...

We didn't have a heating duct in the kitchen of our century home on our palatial country estate. This was fine when the old oil burner radiated heat throughout the house, but when we changed to a gas furnace, it was painfully cold. When my husband put in a heating duct, his first comment was, "Wow, why didn't I do this sooner"

daylily (Queenmothermamaw) said...

Oh dear Rudee I am so glad to be able to sit longer at the computer. Your weather sounds just like ours. Colder today and snow tonight and in the A.M. You always make me laugh. Sorry about the kitchen situation. I am laughing with you, I hope you are laughing. Just saying. I use my crocheting projects to cover my legs sometimes too.Blessings.

Sandra said...

You bought a home with character because it is the best kind of home to have, if you don't mind a little hypothermia now and then! I love character homes, but my husband drew the line at buying me a house that needed all new plumbing. Boo!
Love the pics! The one of your son and the pup huddled under the blanket is priceless!