Saturday, September 4, 2010

Where in the hell was I?

I'll be the first to admit that after the crappiest two working weeks I've had in ages, I may have imbibed a little too much fig vodka beginning at the stroke of midnight last night, but for the life of me, I can't figure out where I left off on this shawl.

Usually, I'll leave myself notes. I know, deep in my little pea sized knitter's brain, that against better judgment, I stopped somewhere in the middle of a 16 row repeat. The notes may have been on the pattern which has mysteriously disappeared. I know they're not in the Macbook sticky notes I usually use, or let me say, there is a mysterious note that says begin row 9, but it doesn't say for what. Duh.

Counting rows isn't as easy as it sounds as there are lingering effects from either the figs, or the vodka sometimes the wrong side has knitted rows and the right side has purled rows and the craziness of all these yarns can't help me.

It's cold here in Detroit. Cold enough to drag out the unfinished wool projects that have hibernated during the summer. Cold enough to make me don wool to go get a haircut. Cold enough to force me up to the yarn store where I got a replacement pattern for this feather and fan shawl.

If I could only count, I'd be hurrying to finish this absolutely gorgeous shawl. I love it. Now that it's cold, I want it now. Yesterday! If it kills me, I'll figure it out.

Maybe the answer will come to me while I sleep tonight--just in case, I should put the shawl under my pillow.


Rose said...

Wow, that's gorgeous!! Can't wait to see you model it. And did you say "cold"? Good grief, I can't imagine what that feels like. We do have a gorgeous day today but it's in the eighties; I just got home after an hour or so sitting on the beach. Good luck counting!

Miss 376 said...

I have an aran jumper in the same quandry, but it looks easier to figure than this. I hope you find your place soon, it's going to be stunning

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

oh man i am sure glad it is not cold here. your shawl is beautiful! so autumnal!

smiles, bee

SkippyMom said...

Osmosis perhaps? I like the way you think :D It is gorgeous Rudee. You have quite the talent. :D

Quiltluver said...

Wow, that's beautiful. I love the colors. Hope you can figure out how to get back on track.

Brenda said...

Looking good! Fig vodka? Sounds good but I had not heard of it. Happy Labor Day...hope you get the day off.

NCmountainwoman said...

You'll be able to figure it out when you have enough time to sit and think. I'm sure you will put a marker there so that if you pick up the pattern wrong you will know how far back to unstitch.

If you don't get it exactly, at least it's where the shawl is smaller and won't be as noticeable. And you can always tell folks you did as the Amish. Always make a mistake since only God can make anything perfect.

Devon said...

It is in the upper 90's here and I get a little "itchybay in the eathay". Wish I had some of that cold weather... the heat of my laptop on my lap brings on thoughts of flinging it across the room!

Why don't you down some more fig vodka and pick up the needles, it may all come back to you!

Glennis said...

So lovely, and such a lot of work, worth it in the end I am sure.

Catherine said...

This is a beautiful Shawl Rudee! I have just finished my first pair of socks since school and am chuffed with them! I am really enjoying my knitting projects since I started doing stuff like gloves and socks I would never have tried before. Thank goodness for bargain-basement crafty books - I have quite the library now - all at knockdown prices, some even bogof offers (Buy one get one free). Have a look at my facebook page to see my socks (befriend me if you're on Facebook!)
All the best, Catherine.

jeannette said...

So sorry, Rudee, but you're almost finished!! You can't let this go (unless you're brave enough to walk with an unfinished shawl -giggle)

That is cold!!

WildeThymeKnits said...

Keep promising myself that I'll finish projects instead of getting bored/sidetracked etc and leaving them part way through.
Hasn't worked yet!

fiberstory said...

So glad to see this out again!
Knit woman, knit!

Fall only lasts a few weeks, y'know. :P

xoxo Sarah