Monday, September 20, 2010

Knitting Blasphemy

I've cast on my second ever Baby Surprise Jacket from the Elizabeth Zimmerman (EZ) book, Knitting Workshop. This is about the most versatile and clever pattern ever written, but only if you can understand Elizabetheeze. I love the witty writing style of EZ, but I'll be damned if I can understand her patterns and in her case, EZ doesn't stand for easy. The last time I made this sweater, I used a cheat sheet that someone had posted on the internet. After multiple searches for those old CliffsNotes, I threw in the towel and spent $10 on the recently re-released pattern, which on page 2, has line by line instructions that are perfect for the idiot that I apparently am. I have to say, I'm ever so slightly annoyed that even though I own the book, and now the separate pattern, I still had to look for a video to help me out when it came to determining the size to knit for a newborn.

Not so annoyed that I wouldn't knit this item though.

The sweater, knit entirely in one piece and completely in garter stitch is an example of brilliant knitting engineering. Believe it or not, the above sweater, cast on late yesterday afternoon in Mountain Colors River Twist and Reynolds DK weight wool, is 33% complete. I'd have done the entire sweater in River Twist, but the price for two skeins gave me palpitations. I had the Reynolds in my stash, so somehow the cost of that doesn't count.

Now that I'm done bashing the contents of the knitting world's favorite knitter's patterns, I find myself thankful I don't have a disagree button on my blog like they do on ravelry. I hate the disagree button and the way the disagree fairy flits from one post to another trying to make knitters feel bad about their opinions. My belief is that if EZ could be opinionated, well then, so can I.

Last, but not least, is that the harvest moon I see approaching? I hope its effect isn't as bad as last month's full moon. I wish I could hide away and knit until it passes.


Miss 376 said...

I've been watching it's progress too, I have a window I can look out of when I'm in bed that's just in the right position for the moon at this time of year.

jeannette said...

Looked at the knitting videos -how clever!!! Wish you luck:)

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

well i have NO idea how you do that but it is fascinating! i'd love to see it when it's finished... and i watch beading videos!

smiles, bee

Rose said...

I agree about EZ. I have yet to complete a BSJ, despite my three attempts. I love the concept, but it's different for knitters who haven't been knitting since the age of four, as she did. Respect her, but don't get her patterns. Yet!

Stephanie V said...

Hmmm...EZ. I had been knitting for more years than I'll tell before I even heard of her.

I've never made a BSJ - the design does seem pretty clever. Good thing there are videos and cheat sheets. Good luck! Guess we'll see the finished project tomorrow, right?

sapphireblue said...

I'm a little confused by her patterns that I've read, so I don't think it's too blasphemous.

Devon said...

wow, interesting post! Thanks for the heads up... I'll stay away from EZ patterns, life is too short.

Isn't that funny.. if it is in my stash, it is like knitting for free! Why is that? Maybe it helps me justify the hideously large piles of yarn I hide like an alcoholic with his bottles!

Loved the picture.. just beautiful!