Saturday, October 17, 2009

Staycation Value Days...Not

Rudee's dream house. Now where did I put those lottery tickets?

After today, I'm going to stop counting down my days off. I want no reminders of how fleeting time away from work can be. For Saturday, staycation day 2, nothing out of the ordinary will happen. I'll get up early to go spin a little yarn and enjoy the gabfest. Maybe I'll get up a wee bit earlier to hit the farmer's market first. By the time I'm done spinning, all of the good stuff is gone, so if I really want those apple bear claw pastries some fresh apples, I should go early.

I didn't get my flu shot, so I'll have to do that Monday. I mailed the mitts, went for a fall drive and ogled all the pretty, and some not so pretty houses.

After dinner at a local brewery, we went to the Apple stores. You know...the one where they sell overly priced caramel coated apples, and then to the other one down the way where they sell the prettiest apples in town.

I couldn't live without a laptop to call my own. This one is pretty spiffy, if I must say so myself. I love the way the keyboard lights up like the control panel of a sexy, sleek jet. It's too bad that feature will eat the battery life. I'll use it when it's plugged in and charging though.

Friends, I am the queen of rationalization and once my husband began the topic of me buying a new mac, I heartily joined in the conversation. Let me share some of my thoughts on this with you:

  1. I work hard. I should be allowed to spend a portion of what I earn on myself.
  2. I've saved half, and by the time the amex bill comes in, I'll have the other half ready.
  3. I haven't bought new shoes in at least a month in a really long time.
  4. People shouldn't have to live with old technology. Never mind that the old one was barely more than a year old.
  5. We did not go to the Rhinebeck fiber festival this weekend (the original reason for taking this week off) and therefore saved at least $150 on fuel, $800 on lodging, a minimum of $200 in fiber (I'm laughing on that estimate), certainly $500 on food and incidentals and who knows how much more? By not traveling, even with me buying a laptop, we're still ahead.
  6. Accidents happen and I should not have to suffer because I am at times a little dimwitted.
See? Can I work it, or what?

BTW, that overly priced caramel apple? I've completely rationalized the purchase and consumption of that, too.


Miss 376 said...

That keyboard will be fantastic for typing in the dark! (Yes, I do type a lot in the dark for some reason, lol)
Enjoy your Saturday

laurie said...

you had me at reason No. 1.

and you wouldn't want that house, not unless it came with a staff of maids and gardeners. otherwise, when would you knit?

Gail said...

Wonderful, and no guilt at all in purchasing.

Silliyak said...

You desearve it!

sapphireblue said...

You could be like "Real Housewives of Atlanta". Get a sugar daddy and do nothing all day.

That apple looks yummy.

The Crusty Crone said...

ohmygosh, you absolutely deserve another Mac! Your logic points are, well, totally logical, insightful, and well written. (#5 By itself, is all you needed. IMHO.)

And you can stand proud. After all, you are certainly doing what you can to help stimulate the economy. (that's always a good one in these times.)

Jane said...

Perfect rationalization! Enjoy the Mac.

Anonymous said...

I am right there with you in the rationalization lineup. You should hear why I can't go to Mass on Sunday any more. I don't understand, but I know He does, rationalization and all. Thank goodness.

Sandy said...

I like your logic points and am enjoying catching up here. Yea for a new laptop...

Miss T said...

I completely agree with your math. You deserve both the computer AND the apple. Dream house next, right? :o)