Monday, October 8, 2012

Ready to go?

Someone, and I won't mention who, screwed up my schedule today.  I did not want to get up early this morning, but I'd committed to working across town at one of the hospitals today, so get up I did.  At the butt crack of dawn.  I had two cups of coffee, hit the shower and went into the office where I discovered that the person I was working for was not off today.  He's off tomorrow.  This is not my mistake, it's the office who made a mess of my schedule.

Well then, you'd think I could go home and go to bed, but not really.  I drank two strong cups of joe and I'm ready for action.  I went to the pharmacy, bank,  gas station,  grocery store and tried the post office, but they're closed today for the non-holiday holiday.  My bank was open, but my son's was not.  It was an action packed morning and though I'm tired now, my brain is too awake for a lie down, so I thought I'd write a post and fill it full of pictures from the weekend.

Here they are in no particular order.
Health fair semi-action shot:
Nurse Rudee and her best friend, Fannette

Stockinette swatch knit by a new knitter seen below:

Yes, that's Sara knitting.  I don't know why I'm so surprised she took to it like a fish in water, but she did.
Here is proof that sometimes I think too much and not all of my ideas are good ones:
That is the sheep hat soaking in the salad spinner.  I had the bright idea that the spinner would practically wring the hat dry.  It does not.
Mr. Fierce:
He was letting me know that a 4 legged barbarian was walking down the street and he would like a walk, too.  Right that minute!  The actual interpretation was this:
 He looks possessed, no?  I liken the harshness of his voice to hearing fingernails on a blackboard.  I get chills down my spine.

What the butt crack of dawn looks like:
This morning's view through my car window.  Yep.  That would be ice.

2 pair done and one to go.  This pair gave me fits:
Sara's Cloisonne mittens.
And here are the contest winner, Pam's, mittens:
Oh, sure, I know they don't look like mittens, but you'll just have to use your imagination. Apparently I still have a ways to go, Pam.  No worries, with a surprise day off, I plan on getting busy on these.  The body of the mittens will be black and these colors will make up the cuffs.  I think I like them together.

In case you paid no attention, the A's passed through the teeth of the Tigers and despite a good fight and some nail biter innings, lost Game 2.  Here's hoping the Tigers can sweep this series up tomorrow night.  

Have a great Monday, everyone.  I'm off to make a pot of stew and cast on Pam's mittens.


Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

all interesting stuff there!

smiles, bee

Darci Brousseau said...

Enjoy your non holiday holiday. :-) hopefully the next pair of gloves will knit smoothly.

Silliyak said...

A's fans would say they have you right where they want you. Tell your Tigers "DO NOT LET UP or RELAX!"

The Bug said...

Since I'm not a morning person I never know whether to rejoice at extra free time or curse at whoever made me get out of bed unnecessarily. Sounds like you're making the best of it :)

Those colors look great together!

Um, Leo looks pretty scary to me!

Yay Detroit! And the Reds are 2-0 - and headed home where I might actually watch a game now that they're not on the west coast.

sapphireblue said...

I like the colors the winner picked out. Cute!

I'm glad you were able to do the health fair.

Irene said...

There's enough evidence of excitement there for anybody and I love your mittens. They look very warm and comfortable. Something to wear early in the morning when I walk the dog and the temperature is at zero degrees Celsius. It seems the only knitted things on sale anymore are gloves which I am fortunate enough to have two pairs of. I do have to count my blessings :o)

Stephanie V said...

Lots of interest here. Nice photo of the nurses doing a great thing.
Those mittens will be gorgeous. The colors are like a fiesta :)

Hey...that salad spinner idea sounds good to me too. Can't believe it wouldn't work. Now I have to try it - even though I know it's a non-starter. It would be easier than the Sham-wow that currently use on woolies.

Finding Pam said...

Looks like you and your friend, Nanette, had a good screening.

The salad spinner sounded like a good idea.

What is that red speck on Leo's chin?

I love the colors you chose for my mittens. I hope they don't give you any trouble. I can't wait to wear them.

Brenda said...

Yeah for Sara! Her knitting looks great to me! She will have a great teacher Rudee.

Gail said...

Gotta love that Leo, he has come so far. Lilly at this moment is barking in her sleep and chasing some monster I'm sure. Awake she fears nothing.

I believe your errands were as daunting as mine except the breaking the law part. I will not do that again. Mine one day, Marcy's another.

Hope your surprise day off was fun.

Loving those mittens. It will be time to dig my warm knitted mittens soon. We've had our first frost.

Knitty said...

I am making socks for my dinner buddies (three of us go out monthly for dinner) as Christmas gifts and struggling with the decision to make mittens too, or maybe save them for next year's gift. They sure are pretty with the color in the cuffs.

Quite a few women at my LYS are making entrelac mittens. The nature of the design makes the tip of the mitten very pointy and I don't care for that. I know that it is very common in some designs, such as Norwegian I think, but I'm not sold on it yet. They've been made in Noro and other variegated yarns but the prettiest pair is a solid, off white color. Those are the ones that are trying to convince me the points are ok. Lol.