Friday, October 12, 2012

It happens

Sometime yesterday, my best friend emailed me a picture of Justin Verlander, pitcher extraordinaire for the Detroit Tigers.  I think she sent it so I'd stop worrying about the Tigers moving on and free my mind for more pressing things, like how Uncle Joe would do in the debates after my candidate's dismal performance at last week's debacle debate.  Bless her heart.  It worked.  It helped that Joe wasn't too bad, either.

Yes, you did!
I had a hard time watching games 3 and 4 because I worked all week.  There was a choice to make:  stay up late watching a west coast baseball game where the Tigers had a 2 game lead in the series, or get some sleep because I had to get up early.  Sleep won out.  Today I'm off though and with the help of a little caffeine, I stayed awake to watch Verlander shut out the A's last night in game 5 and take the division.  The picture helped, but I'm giving full credit to my lucky Tigers t-shirt.  I didn't wear it for games 3 and 4, but I had it on last night and it'll be ready in time for Saturday's game.

The precious moments I'd miss working full time again.
Tuesday, I found out that the position I'd applied for at work was given to someone with less clinical experience and far less loyalty, but worse, to someone without a lick of common sense.  I didn't talk about it here and I think it was because I was conflicted about even applying for the job. I'm disappointed (mildly), surprised (greatly), sort of insulted by the decision and still stinging from what I experienced during the interview, but I'll survive.  I was asked to apply, which led me to believe they wanted my talent, but I have to be honest here, deep down, I don't think I wanted the position and I am secretly relieved.  Who wants more travel, more responsibility, more headaches, 7 days of night call every month, and more hours for less money?  It's a blessing in disguise and sooner or later, my ego will recover.

Pam's left mitten.  The thumb is done now and so is the cuff of the right mitten.
Besides, I'd have not had enough time to knit anymore if I was working all of those hours.  I don't know about you, but this would have been psychologically disastrous for me.

Shit happens.  Sometimes it happens for a reason and I'm more than willing to say that in this particular case, something or someone bigger than me is looking out for my best interests.


Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

d#1 went through something similar. i told her to go out on her own and she was afraid. she made good money as the hospice compliance nurse for a huge hospice, very good money. but the travel? oy! finally she listened and now she has all the work she wants and travels when she wants and can do what she wants. she is very happy!

LOVE your knitting. am in awe of anyone that can do that!

smiles, bee

The Bug said...

Well they're just stupid - what the heck! On the other hand, you probably wouldn't have been very happy with the job. I am a very small person because I would be waiting for the other person to fail. And that just sounds like our lovely congress wanting the president to fail so I'll shut up now.

The reason Detroit won is that I went to bed without even knowing they were playing, so I couldn't jinx them with the hope that they'd win. Although my new policy is to only pull for the Yankees. That way all the other teams actually have a chance!

Irene said...

Things work out or not because that's the way they are supposed to be, I do believe in fate. You said yourself that you're better off without that job. Be glad! I'm happy for you. Nice mitten!

sapphireblue said...

You're the best nurse for the job. Maybe they felt they could pay her less money. I'm having a similar problem with my job search.

Stephanie V said...

Kind of a good news/bad news story. They clearly don't know what they're looking for if they passed you over after asking you to apply.

Everything happens for a giving you time for those gorgeous mittens.

Finding Pam said...

Rudee, my mittens are so beautiful. I can't wait to wear them. It hurts when someone else is chosen over you. Maybe you were too qualified for the job. It is their loss. You are such a caring nurse and besides things always work out for the best.

Leo is so cute with that sweet baby.

NCmountainwoman said...

I honestly believe things like that turn out for the best. If they have such poor judgment, no telling what your co-workers might have been like.

Brenda said...

The mittens look great. The debate looked like a talk show on TV where everyone tries to talk at once. That is about all I will say about it. I liked your idea awhile back about you retiring from nursing and teaching knitting...or buying a yarn shop. I know you love being a nurse though...

unmitigated me said...

Maybe the interviewers thought you were too smart to put up with that crap for long and they would end up hiring Ms. Brain Trust anyway?

Anonymous said...

"Hi honey, how was your day? Did you get the promotion?

"Well, yes, I did! And you won't believe it, it comes with a pay cut."

"Oh, I hope this new promotion won't cost us too much? You know, we can't afford to have you get another promotion".

Knitty said...

We've been through that in my family too. Younger son is still working through the hardship of someone's else's stupid choice. Do I sound like a mom? Of course I do, but so many expressed shock, I know hubby and I are not completely biased.

The older I get, the more I think things happen for reasons not easily recognized by us in the moment. Or maybe that is a placating pill I swallow when shit happens, but the only thing one can do is learn from what you are going through and keep plugging away.