Saturday, October 13, 2012

Pondering the Universe

Like I've got nothing better to do...

1. What is up with all of these male politicians and their loose lips talking about the rape of a woman as though it's no big deal?  First it was Missouri's Todd Akin's moronic comments that in a "legitimate rape," a woman's body can "shut all that down" and prevent conception.  I guess this means that if a woman did get pregnant as a result of the rape, she must have enjoyed her assault in some way and therefore, it's not a "legitimate rape."  Next was Roger Rivard, a state representative in Wisconsin, who regurgitated his father's advice about consensual sex turning into a rape accusation the next morning:  "What the whole genesis of it was, it was advice to me, telling me, 'If you're going to go down that road, you may have consensual sex that night and then the next morning it may be rape." So the way he said it was, 'Just remember, Roger, some girls, they rape so easy.  It may be rape the next morning."

The thing is, these ideas are not exclusive to our religious far right in the States.  Apparently, ignorance knows no boundaries as Spanish politician, Jose Manuel Castelao Bragana, has so clearly demonstrated with his comments this week: "Laws are like women--they are there to be violated."

As a Michigander, why do I care so much about what happens in the Missouri election?  Todd Akin's political aspiration is to be a US Senator.  His frightening beliefs and lack of scientific knowledge will affect me, my daughters and women throughout this nation.  I don't dislike him for his pro life beliefs, but I abhor his ideas about rape. I wonder if spending the night in an emergency room and meeting rape victims could sway his misbegotten ideologies?  If nothing else, maybe it would teach him compassion and perhaps a little science.

My advice to these men: It's better to remain silent and thought dumb, than to speak and remove all doubt.

2. And along these same keeping women in their place lines, was it really necessary to shoot a 14 year old girl in the head to silence her?  I read today that Pakistan has arrested 38 men for shooting  Malala Yousafzai. Thirty eight?  Thirty eight swaggering violent bullies against one 14 year old girl?  How threatening was she?  I hope they rot in hell for what they've done and I hope the nation of Pakistan can collectively grow some balls and deal with the Taliban.  Talk about making a deal with the devil--that's exactly what Pakistan has done by supporting these despicable thugs.

3. What is up with the exciting baseball playoffs? Usually watching baseball on television is like watching paint dry, but not these post-season playoffs.  I go to bed every night thinking one team has the game and/or the division title in the bag, only to awaken the next morning to find miracles have happened.  Such is the case with the game between the Cardinals and the Nationals last night.  The Cards came from a 6 point deficit to beat the Nationals 9-7 and crown themselves with the NLDS title.  See what I get for going to bed early?

Yes, these are two different yarns, though the colors look the same.

4.  Is my yarn talking to me, and when one door closes, does another automatically open?  Case in point:  remember that Squares on Roll workshop I was supposed to teach?  With limited summer hours, the LYS owner didn't want to host that class in the summer and the whole thing was tabled and sort of forgotten.  I still had my yarn and hadn't yet started knitting the afghan.  Yesterday, I took Sara up to that store to buy her first ever yarn for a project and the store owner brought up the workshop again.  The funny thing is, I had decided earlier in the day that I was going to start knitting those squares.  I even got the yarn out of storage and cast on for the first square.  When I looked at the yarn, I had to laugh, because I'll be damned...those colors in that Zauberball yarn are identical to the colors I chose for Pam's mittens.  Different yarns, same colors.  I do think the yarn is talking!  The workshop is scheduled to start on November 14th.  I'll lead the class every other Wednesday.

See?  If I had gotten that promotion, I wouldn't be able to teach this class.

Sometimes the Universe is completely maddening, frustrating and perplexing and other times, it all comes together and works out for the best.  Now, if we could only get some of these men to shut their traps and change their ways, I think it would be a much better place.


Alice said...

And it's the worst kind of ignorance . . . with a mouth, microphones, and the internet to continue it on.

Some Males just gotta "MARK" All the trees!

Love the colors, ignore the insult (job), YOU didn't want it anyway . . . consider yourself "slapped up side the head" and continue in your best life.

Go Tigers!

Stephanie V said...

I had also forgotten that workshop...although I did download the pattern so I could try it. Wish I could come to your workshop - that would be so much fun.

I'm with you on the men-talk thing. Oct 11th was Int'l Day of the Girl Child...not sure it made a whole lot of difference at that level.

Thanks for your comment on my mother - I think I'm getting to know her better too.

(Queenmothermamaw) Peggy said...

So great to visit you gal and catch up. I always did say if I could (you know what myself) I would not even need a man. LOL Got a good one which is rare but not perfect, well I am not either. True you did not want that job. That happened to me once when I wanted to try to get out of the medical field, before I went to nursing school, an office job. Thank goodness I didn't get it.

NCmountainwoman said...

Actually I am glad they are speaking. Better to know how evil they are and make a more informed choice. It's frightening to think that many people will still vote for them in spite of it. They are only one step removed from areas of the world in which women are killed for being raped and thus unclean.

Brenda said...

Great post Rudee! I am pretty sure Akin's won't win. I am not all that fond of his opponent either though. I really hope before my life is over... I meet a really worthwhile candidate for any government office. I do personally know a Mayor and know that he is trustworthy. I think so much of the media and the back stabbing politicians are everyone's worse enemy. They attack each other and we get to try and decipher what is real and what isn't. Talking more about the issues is so much more important.
Let's face it....very few men really understand women. I is better to not answer a question...than to answer and show your ignorance.
I wish I could be in your class also. That is very cool!

Brenda said...

Oh...forgot to say....I hope we get to play the Tigers. That would really be fun!

Knitty said...

I couldn't have said it better regarding those politicians and the Taliban.

And the Tigers...what a nail biter last night became! Yikes!

Your yarn is definitely talking to you! Lol!

On that subject, 5 of my friends and I did the Baaad Girls Shop Hop yesterday. My opinions didn't change from last year. Sweet Pea's in St Clair was everyone's fave of the 6 stores. The new store PK Yarn Over Knit (strange name?)in Clawson kept their same hours both days of the hop, closing at 4:00. We barely made it there in time and heard that many were sorely disappointed on Friday and didn't even try on Saturday. Personally, I think they should have extended their hours to match other shops if they were going to bother to participate.

When I rule the universe, 1) Politicians will campaign for no longer than a month and will only speak positively of what they plan to do, no mention of the other game show contestants...oops, politicians...will be allowed.
2) Athletes won't break bones (especially Detroit athletes) as Jeter did last night.
3) Yarn shops and all other businesses will use common sense, and those not in possession of common sense may call on me for guidelines.

Sarcasm (not about #2) with coffee is a good breakfast. ;-)

Rudee said...

Knitty, I love the spaciousness of the Clawson store (4 miles from my home), but I'm not crazy about their selection. The do have a cute mascot who barks whenever people leave the store, but not when they enter! She's cute.

Jeter looked to be in real pain last night. I'm sorry he broke his ankle, but relieved it wasn't a Tiger instead.

The Bug said...

We went to bed after *&^% Ibanez tied the game in the 9th - & woke up this morning to find out that Detroit had won anyway - woot! I hate that Jeter broke his ankle - it's not as much fun to pull against the Yankees without effin Jeter on the roster...

I am constantly astounded at the things that come out of men's mouths. I think that the only reason they've been in charge so long is that they're physically stronger. Gah!

sapphireblue said...

Yeah, there's some idiot men that need to shut their trap! For real!

Knitty said...

Hello again. What yarn are you using for the mittens? I am going to make at least one pair as a gift this year, possible a few more. I didn't care for the color selection in the line recommended at "my" LYS. The pattern suggests Cascade 220 but according to their site, the nearest retailer is in Troy.