Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I'm twisted

Intarsia knitting, while certainly beautiful, is challenging enough that I usually avoid at all costs.  It's the bobbins of yarn and the twisting that make me nuts--not to mention the weaving of all of those ends--and every single time I finish a row, I have to straighten out the twisted strands.  For someone who likes to pound out the knitting, slowing down to put yarn aright is frustrating.

If you're trying to keep track...that's four live "bobbins" of yarn and one live ball of yarn.  Each of those strands, and one you can't see in the picture,  get used on every single row.  Oy.
My hand made butterflies of yarn, while light, have a tendency to unroll themselves and this is kind of maddening, too, but I can't seem to find my plastic bobbins, so I've been making do.  If you twist your butterflies too loosely, they unravel and if you twist them too tightly, you can't get the center to unravel when you need it to do so.  The butterfly happy medium remains illusive.

But...oh, the beauty of such a piece cannot be underestimated.

Bottom to top we have garter stitch, stockinette stripes and seed stitch.  It's the sides of the blanket and the porcupines that make up the intarsia.  The dark body of the porcupine will be adorned with a bazillion strands of fringe that will look like quills when all is said and done. It promises to be a textural delight. 
Progress is extremely slow because while I can knit in the dark, I can't do intarsia in the dark and last night we abruptly lost power when an electrical substation two miles away caught fire.  It plunged us into immediate darkness (not to mention sweltering heat) and brought an abrupt end to the activities of the evening--right at a crucial part of Breaking Bad Season 2, episode 8, and smack in the middle of the porcupine's body.

Today will be a better day in terms of the weather.  Yesterday's high was 102 degrees with a heat index of, oh, 112 degrees (what the air really felt like).  Sometime during the night, the power returned and the high is forecast for only 88 degrees.  I'm afraid to say the words aloud, so don't tell anyone, but it is raining.  Finally.  We've gone 2 weeks without a drop and today we're getting some.  There will be porch knitting today.

If I weren't working later on, I'd call the day near perfect.


Miss 376 said...

Oh, it will be so worth it

Anonymous said...

Well, looks like you're in a little bit over your experience level. A little tip: Pay attention when you switch colors that you're not knitting too tightly or too loosely with the new color. Slight uneven tension will also be aided by blocking.

sapphireblue said...

Your knitting looks really good. I've never tried intarsia before.

Finding Pam said...

Your talent for knitting amazes me. I love the look of those porcupines. I can't imagine keeping up with all of those different threads.

Thanks for your comment about my sister.

Stephanie V said...

And that's why I hate intarsia and fair isle. Can't stand all those bobbins and end-weaving exercises. Nuh-unh!

However, I do like the look when someone else makes the supreme sacrifice. It's going to be so cute.

Knitty said...

I can't wait to see the finished project. I'm with you on intarsia, the project (and recipient) has to be well worth the patience of untangling yarn and weaving ends.

Thanks for the suggestion of the Cameo pattern. I had forgotten that photo, but ordered it after looking at it again.

"Anonymous" should learn that a well meant suggestion should not begin with "looks like you're in a little bit over your experience level". Many of your followers are armed with pointy sticks and garrotes in the disguise of circular needles. ;-)

Here's hoping we all get the rain we need without losing power. Right now the sun is back out and it is steamy, even if it is technically cooler than yesterday.

Anonymous said...

The reason I remain anonymous is because I am afraid of "pointy sticks" in the disguise of circular needles.

SkippyMom said...

Purty, purty colors. And this from a girl that is a fan of purple. :)

I feel your pain. Same weather, same power loss - same old. It simple is what it is and we deal. What else are we going to do? Happens every year it seems like. And if it is epic heat/rain in the summer it is feet of snow in the winter.

Fall will be here b/f we know it. And lots more porch knittin'.

Rositta said...

It will be beautiful in the end. I have those plastic thingies and have never used them. We also have the same weather as you do and we came home from a weekend at the cabin to find our fridge dead. Very very traumatic. We rushed out and bought a new fridge in a hurry and it was finally delivered today. I hate it and it's going back. That's what happens when you rush. I know better than to buy an LG thanks to reading about your experiences...ciao

Gail said...

You may be twisted but it is so beautiful. I loved this color combo.