Friday, May 11, 2012

Lady of leisure? I think not.

How did I spend today?  Resting?  Not really.  Knitting?  A little.  Running around?  Oh, yes.  Ran my behind off today.  Leo's, too.

This is Woobu by BMFA.  Bamboo gives this yarn a glorious sheen.  Why, yes, that is miles of  garter stitch.  Again.
At one point, Leo plopped his big body down in the middle of the dining room, sighed loudly, then laid his head down in defeat.  We had gone for a long drive, visited Rachel's house, swept the porches of whirligigs, cleaned the kitchen, folded laundry, and made several trips from the front porch to the garage.  When that was done, Leo donned his pinch collar and we took a walk to the post office.  He simply couldn't keep up as he had missed usual all day nap.  Today I achieved the impossible:  exhausting the dog.  I didn't take a picture of that, but I did take another.  He's so tired right now, he lacks the energy to stick his nose out the window to see just which dog is making such a racket out there.

A few minutes ago, I went and purchased some contraband for the movies tonight.  How can I not see Dark Shadows on opening day?  To go with Mr. Depp and the coffee tonight at the theater, there will be Godiva chocolate liqueur.  Yum.

However, having tired myself out a bit, I hope I don't fall asleep during the show.

Worried about knitting yet another shawl in garter stitch, I threw caution to the wind and cast on Cameo anyway.  I'd been waiting all week for the contrast yarn to come in the mail and once it did, I was out of excuses.  Wingspan was in garter stitch, too, but with all of that short row shaping, it was entertaining enough.  This new project has a lot going for it:  it's knit on the bias, there is a picot edge, there will be stripes and to put a little icing on the cake, there will be lace.  The pattern page I linked is to the particular shawl I liked the most.  I thought it was beautiful.  Hoping for a more substantial shawl, I'm using meatier yarn and bigger needles.  Woobu is sport weight.

Lastly,  I have a confession to make. I may have violated my "no politics" policy and listened to the news.  Having such a strong aversion to bullies, how could I not?  One thing you cannot teach is empathy.  You either have it or you don't. Think about it. 


(Queenmothermamaw) Peggy said...

How right no one can teach or be taught empathy. Keep looking ahead we been in trouble before, we will get out of trouble and then back in several more times, politically that is. Some many things to do so little time to get them all done. You will eventually work out a pattern. Blessings dear Rudee and happy mom's day.

Gail said...

The news is scary!

Glad you and Leo had such a good time.

NCmountainwoman said...

And he doesn't REMEMBER the incident??? Wasn't like he was four.

I love bamboo, especially the 50/50 bamboo and silk. So lovely to hold I never want a project to finish.

Brenda said...

Lots of running around is exhausting. I know how Leo feels.

I use to watch Dark Shadows on TV...I think in the 60's? This one looks like a comedy.

I am knitting some socks right now with bamboo. I can't believe I FORGOT to go to my knitting class this past Monday. Have a great weekend!

sapphireblue said...

I love watching the original Dark Shadows.

Rose said...

I went to the movies tonight too, but saw Delicacy instead. So sweet. Love that you wore out the dog! And I had trouble believing the "I forgot" excuse too, especially since I hear that excuse from my 8th graders on a regular basis.

Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

poor little (?) leo!!! bless his heart, i know exactly how he feels! ha ha

smiles, bee

Finding Pam said...

Leo looks beat. I hope you have a lovely MOther's Day. Dark Shawdows should be really good. I can't wait to see it.

Miss 376 said...

There's nothing better than the look of a worn out dog! Enjoy your evening with Mr Depp

Knitty said...

I wish my hair could be even half as shiny as Leo's. Would you groom me? Oh wait, you don't really have time now that you're retired. I understand that all too well.

I agree with your empathy assessment. Since he had to address this story, I think he would have done better to say that what may have been accepted as teenage behavior 50 years ago is not what we would do today because thankfully, most of us have evolved.

Many adults did or said things in high school that are deeply embarrassing today. Mitt is not my choice of candidates for many reasons, so I'm not excusing him. If he had said he acted as many did back then by giving wedgies, I would have accepted that. Not remembering holding someone down and cutting their hair? You either clearly remember NOT doing that, or you did it so often you don't remember if you did it to this particular person or not.

How he answers today is in some ways more important than what he did as a teenager.

Stephanie V said...

I love your garter stitch and the bamboo yarn is just lovely. I like the sheen and drape that bamboo gives. Poor Leo! he does look tuckered out.

As for bullies. Well, I really can't believe that he couldn't remember doing something like that. I remember every shameful thing I have ever done. Shameful acts are like that: indelible. His lie speaks volumes about his character.

The Bug said...

I spent the weekend using a youtube video to teach me to crochet a HAT. I must have unraveled everything four or five times (I lost count). But I think I'm on my way now - on row 7. I think I'll try a shawl next. I'm a little afraid of such a large project - it could take days to unravel it when I find my mistakes!

What did you think of the movie?

I think your fabulous readers have echoed my feelings on the hair cutting incident - & have been more articulate than I could be!

Winifred said...

I love knitting garter stitch but it shows all my uneven stitches.

Crumbs I was worn out just reading what you did! What a gorgeous critter he is.