Friday, May 4, 2012

Be careful what you ask for

I've been so busy teaching my replacement all week long.  I can't really gauge how well she's doing, but I hope she's making progress.  Looking for feedback, the other day I asked if she'd found anything in my five hours of talk, talk talking beneficial, and she said, "no, not really." Sort of surprised by this response,  I asked if there was something wrong with the way I was presenting things to her, and she said, "no, not really, I'm just disappointed we didn't have anything more complicated to manage."  She's not a new nurse, and she's not new to hospice.  She's been doing it for years and should know a few things:

  1. Never, ever ask for anything more complicated!
  2. Be careful what you ask for!
  3. Complications aren't planned...they just happen.
The very next day, we got complicated alright.  In spades.  We ran for 8 hours straight.

It was so busy that I'm still not sure she got what she asked for, or if seeing what complicated really looked like at night, it was all too much, or worse, not enough.

Last night, we took or made what seemed to be a thousand phone calls over a 5 hour period and around 10 PM, we split up to go to our respective homes.  I was starving and knew there wasn't anything I wanted to eat at home.  Given the late hour, most of the grocers and restaurants were closed, too.  It was a toss up food or starve.  In torrential rain (truly coming down in buckets), I made the decision to pick up some chili from Wendy's.  It's not a bad selection diet-wise.  It's full of protein and fiber and is what's considered to be a low glycemic selection.  To balance that relatively healthy choice out, I do what I very seldom do and ordered a medium Coke.  I don't like diet drinks, but I do love fountain Coca Cola. After all that time sitting in an office talking, I was thirsty.  When they handed me a "medium" sized coke, I was surprised.  It was enormous!

Their medium sized cup holds an impressive 34 ounces.  Or 1 liter.  I know this because after I consumed about 25 percent of what was in that cup, I dumped the remainder out and measured.  This is ridiculous!  I know people want to get a bargain for their money, but in the grand scheme of things, is this a bargain?  It isn't if you make this a habit and find yourself buying bigger clothes to accommodate your expanding waist line.

Next time, I'll ask for the child size cup.

TGIF!  I hope my orientee didn't ask for more complications for tonight.


Knitty said...

That is so true about the things we ask for. Before I was born, while standing in line and being asked what hair color, disposition, talents, etc I would like to have while here on earth, I made a huge mistake. When asked what about my adult appearance, I wanted to think a moment but unfortunately just said "wait". Now I have this excess weight that just won't seem to go away.


I hope your trainee does well and learns to appreciate the quiet times.

SkippyMom said...

I cannot physically hold a cup larger than a "child's" because I have small hands. I find their mediums and up to be ridiculous and most places don't even sell smalls anymore.

Once, last year, we went to the movies and I order a small popcorn and a small Pepsi to share with Pooldad. The guy behind the counter asked me if I wanted to go up one size, to medium, for only a dollar more. I said "No thank you" and do you know the dolt stood there and asked my FIVE more times to up size for "ONLY a dollar more". I finally lost my patience and said "It isn't the dollar. It is the fact that we will WASTE most of the drink and half the popcorn if we up size. So STOP asking." He got all huffy and said he had never heard of anyone not finishing their bargain popcorn and pepsi and he wouldn't fill my order until I snapped at him. It's no value to me when I have to throw half of it out. And even if we could physically eat and drink that much junk - we don't want to. Sorry, but I feel this way about super sized fries too - who can eat one of those and why would you want to?

Anyway - not surprised the "new" lady isn't going as smooth as could be hoped. Always a hiccup isn't there? It will be finished soon for you tho' and that will be wonderful. On to bigger and better things! WOOHOO!

Finding Pam said...

All I can say is that you are doing what you are suppose to do...and that is train her. Now it's up to her with what she does with that training.

Supersizing is ridiculous. I have never had one of those giant burgers from McDonald's. I don't eat that stuff anymore, but when I did, I ordered the plain small hamburger with no cheese. I am so glad that I gave up fast food.

Have a great weekend. I would love to see more pics of Leo.

sapphireblue said...

She said, "No, not really?" What? Come on! Make something up. Ugh!

sapphireblue said...
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Silliyak said...

To quote (roughly) Barbara Billingsley in "Airplane" , Chump don wan no hep ,chump don get no hep)

Gail said...

Sometimes just doing the job teaches you what you need to know. She will learn.

Brenda said...

Just glad to hear you have a replacement. I guess I should go to Wendy's more often. Every where else we go they have really shrunk the drinks and the meals. Not that that is bad...but the cost is more..

The Bug said...

That's just arrogance or trying to show off. Otherwise you just say that the training is really helpful thank you very much.

Ah well - she won't be your problem much longer!

I can't drink those fountain cokes - all that sugar goes straight to my veins & I turn into a blithering idiot. The sad thing is that I would probably drink the whole thing no matter how large - I have no sense.

Irene said...

It seems that we are being made to accept ever increasing portions of food that we feel obligated to finish because we are not allowed to waste it. It's a sin to throw away food while there are other peoplle int he world who are starving. I think we all ought to order the child sized portions and be happy with them. It would be healthier for us too.

Stephanie V said...

Hurray! You have a replacement in training. That means the end is nearer and your next stage of life can begin - soon.

Like you, I'm not often in those fast food places. But I had noticed that all the sizing at Tim Horton's had changed up. It's a problem here too where servings get bigger. I think it would be better to lower the price and serve a smaller portion. Apparently that's not what people will flock to buy. We are our own worst enemy.

(Queenmothermamaw) Peggy said...

Glad your old job will soon be history. Guess she just wants to appear like she knows everything. Well she will wish many times you were still with her. LOL. Seems the birds have just got to make a mess. Building a nest, flitting from deck to tree leaving a white streak all around. Had to go back and catch up a few posts since I have been slacking in my visiting manners.

Mimi said...

Newbies are hilarious, aren't they? she will learn (the hard way, it seems!)
The large portion sizing is a bit of a bugbear with me, it's no wonder we have an obesity problem (and we have it here in Ireland too) when portion sizes are so out of control.
I suppose we just have to keep throwing away and saying no, as SkippyMom did, till they get the message. It is a shame that food is wasted in this way, but it's also wasteful to eat to overflow.

Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

catching up on all your posts, i have *honest* over five hundred to read. yikes!

and i completely agree, don't ask for complicated! it'll happen!

smiles, bee

Nance said...

Wow. That woman had no filter. Or class. Too bad you didn't have that bigass Coke when she was so rude to you. (Oops. Talk about not having a filter....) Never mind.

NCmountainwoman said...

Experienced and capable notwithstanding, that was a most ungracious remark. And I'm mad at her for making it.