Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Agenda

My calendar is now--for the most part--cleared.  Wednesday was my last night with my orientee and she is Officially on her own. Praise be.

To celebrate today, I finally completed my on line CPR class, turned in the last of my paperwork and had a nice--don't call me, I'll call you--chat with my boss.  I'm taking some well earned time away from this most stressful line of work.  I have written the orders to remove more people from life support in the last two weeks than I have had to do in the last two years.  It's time for a break from this most heartbreaking part of my job.

Tomorrow I have very little that I have to do.  Woobu, a yarn swift and ball winder will be involved, as will needles and an endless pot of tea.  I may move from the sofa to the front porch as the day promises to be sunny and warm(er).  

After that, who knows?

The shawlette is Wingspan in Zauberball.  It's just a wisp of a thing really, but I took it off Stoney and wore it on my own shoulders today.  There was a sense of just enough weight and warmth for a cool spring day.  I like it.


(Queenmothermamaw) Peggy said...

Hooray for you gal. A brand new start. Enjoy.

Rose said...

Congrats! I'm envious but I'll have a good break in a month! Did you enjoy the wingspan pattern?

Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

great plan! and i love the shawl! very cute.

smiles, bee

Miss 376 said...

I'm glad you get a chance to recharge the batteries before you start your next job. Have fun

The Bug said...

Woo hoo! Recharge & yarn away :)

Stephanie V said...

Enjoy the luxury that only that first day can give you. You've got a good plan...drifting on the breeze with some yarn involved sounds great to me. You have surely earned a few days like this!

Knitty said...

Congratulations! My sister-in-law just started Wingspan as a way to use up leftover yarn. I don't always like how a project like that turns out, but the way Wingspan is sectioned is a good choice and hers is turning out lovely.

Will Stoney get it back after you're done wearing it? It really brought out his eyes.

Brenda said...

Yeah! You deserve some free time to knit to your heart's content! Love the colors in the shawl!

sapphireblue said...

I'm glad you are getting that time off. I love the ombre effect of that yarn.