Friday, April 27, 2012

Take Action

For two days, I've been in serious negotiations with the local Toyota dealer.  I kind of fell head over heels for the Venza when I took it for a test spin yesterday.  It's pretty fancy for a crossover.  Not that it matters, but it's built in Kentucky with 70 percent of the parts coming from US suppliers.  I'm working on it, but they're killing me on the trade in.  To be more precise, Carfax is killing me.  Nobody will want to buy my car with its medical report laid bare for all the world to tranny at 16, 000 throttle body at 34,000 miles.  Damn you FMC.  According to Edmunds, my car should be worth $16,700.  Toyota says maybe $15,000.


In other news, I awakened the other day at 4AM from a disturbing dream. Too afraid to go back to sleep right away, I got up to write down the salient points of the nightmare and was greeted by this picture:

I immediately felt better that at least one of us had something to smile about whilst deep in slumber.  And, yes, he is sound of sleep with his covers arranged on top of himself.  Me thinks he's living a good life.

This is Collin, my brother's grandson, who is gamely sporting his snowman hat made by his favorite knitter.  I dare say he needs a knitted monster he can carry around, don't you?

I also can't believe the little man is motoring around already.  Can he really be a year old already?  I have no idea where time goes.

My really big news I've saved for last because it's the best:

I am on a countdown to my new position.  On Tuesday I begin training my replacement.  By May 11th, I am done working full time and will be focusing on the next chapter of my life where work will be something I dabble in here and there.  I cannot wait! I'm scared shitless!  I cannot wait!  I'm scared shitless!  I just can't decide how I feel, but the excitement, for good or bad, is bubbling right up there.


Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

i was watching martha stewart this morning and she featured little knitted animals and dolls, adorable! i immediately thought of you!

smiles, bee

Stephanie V said...

Great news congratulations first! I am so happy for you.

He's a little cutie, isn't he? A monster would be just the thing.

I drive a Ford (5 yrs) after 20 years of driving Hondas. I have not had any of the issues you have had...but I've been eyeing the Toyota offerings, too. I'm looking at Prius V or maybe C. But it will be a while before I get my game face on - car dealing is a big PIA. Oh, and I need to save more money :)

Good luck with yours.

The Bug said...

I'm excited for you! You should have PLENTY of time to knit up a monster or two :)

Oh, and Leo? Kills. Really. Heh.

Silliyak said...

Remember that's it's what you pay in the end. Offer to trade in for $0, just drop the price of the car to what you want. You could sell the car privately. That's a pain. Glad to hear about the new job.
End of the month is a good time to buy, end of the quarter better, end of the model year, best. All has to do with quotas yada yada

Miss 376 said...

I am so excited for you, hope it all goes well

Mimi said...

Silliyak's advice sounds good, it's the overall deal that counts. Good luck with the negotiations. it's exciting buying a new car. Other thing is..maybe they'd throw in a couple of free services?
I can feel your excitement at the prospect of the new working arrangement! I job-shared for 10 years, it was wonderful! May go back to it in a couple of years, when kids college is paid for,ha ha!

Knitty said...

All of my friends who cut back or fully retired expressed concern before hand, not over finances (a separate issue that often does apply) but over missing work. I don't know anyone who truly missed it afterward. I hope your experience is as happy as Leo looks.

Silliyak said...

Mimi makes a good point, see about extended warranty (They're going to try and sell it to you at the end of the process) Service contract-ditto, I worry that if the car gets totaled, poof, money gone!

Ruth said...

Leo - me thinks he lives a good live.
Good luck buying a the new car.
I am so surprised i don not miss being a nurse - not one litle bit - I am now a 'was a nurse' and glad i no longer have to do it, admittedly very very busy with other stuff.

Rose said...

So glad for you with the job ending...I bet you will never miss it. Love Leo! Too cute!

SkippyMom said...

So he's the lucky duck that is the proud owner of the cutest hat ever.

I don't believe in *mugging* small children, but I think, in this case I could make an exception. :wink:

You are going to do spectacular in this next phase in your life Rudee. Go forth and ENJOY it. You most certainly deserve it. Hugs my friend.

Jan said...

Oh, it will be delightful to ease out of that job that was sucking the life out of you! Your closing words remind me of Annie Lamott saying her two best prayers are "Help me, help me, help me" and "Thank you, thank you, thank you".

Thanks for sharing the journey with us!