Monday, March 5, 2012

Good deed begets a world of misery.

It was cold a week ago Saturday--the day before the baby shower--so I made the effort to pull my car into the garage, clean out the hospice supplies and make room for all that was needed to throw a successful social event. I locked the gate and the garage door knowing all of our hard work would be safe during the night.

I never park in the garage. First, it's a pain to even get up the narrow drive with my wider Ford Escape and even harder to back out without hitting the house. Second, I am a person of modest means so I have no electronic gate like they do in Beverly Hills and opening and closing the gate is a hassle. Third, I have a dog who would love to lord it over all of the other neighborhood dogs, so the gate must always stay closed. And locked. Overall, it's easier to park in the drive.

Now you have the makings of this domino effect that landed my vehicle in the emergency room at the local Ford dealer. No worries I thought...the vehicle is still covered under warranty. If it's not, I had the common sense to buy an extended warranty when I purchased this little truck.

While I slumbered this morning, my husband had the vehicle towed (it died after the dealer had closed on Friday) and as I was just waking up, I could hear him on the phone, "chewed through wires?" "What do you think it was? A rat?"

Our town has a rodent (rat) problem, which I'd heard about before we moved here, but I've never seen one. Everyone is good about keeping their yards picked up and their trash contained. Well, everyone except the lunatic behind me. She'd be the one who allows the dog excrement to accumulate over winter and misses each opportunity to remove it when it's frozen (easiest way to pick up poo). She has two dogs so it's extra nasty. The only rodent type creature I've seen--besides the squirrels-- is a possum. Leo likes to corner him in the yard and when he does, the stalking begins, Leo's hair stands up on end and he snarls and growls. That bold little rat-like bastard stands up on his hind legs and hisses like crazy. I think they're hideous myself. Leo likes the game.

I think I know where that nasty little creature has been staying at night. And I think I know what he's been eating.

All told...about $600 worth of damage not covered by warranty. A big chunk of that money is coming out of my paycheck. The one with all of the mandatory overtime from last week. The money I'd dreamed of spending on two sweater's worth of yarn.

From spending one night in the garage? Talk about an indiscretion one lives to regret!

If it all weren't so ridiculous, I'd cry.

Photo: Wiki Commons


Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

well just buggers to that honey... rats!

hugs, bee

Silliyak said...

Maybe this will cheer you up.

Amy said...

It was the purchase of the extended warranty that did it. I just bought that for my VW Bug. First thing that happened? Hubby was driving it and got a flat tire--and DROVE ON IT. Ruined the tire. The other three tires were getting old too. Ended up replacing all four, of course not covered on warranty. I'd've had to replace them sometime this year, but I was really hoping for last quarter. Grr.

Rose said...

SOB, isn't that just the way it goes? I have yet to have a "windfall" show up that wasn't immediately claimed by an unforseen "minor" emergency. So sorry. And yes, that opossum is UGLY!

Brenda said...

Yuk...dislike mice and rats. Shame on your neighbor for being a slob. You pay that much for yarn for 2 sweaters??? I believe it is possible.. because I saw some yarn on Ravery and loved it..but the price was out of reach for me. Maybe I could knit a scarf someday for $36 a skein? I haven't gotten hooked on expensive hand spun dyed yarns....yet. I am sure it could happen to me though.

NCmountainwoman said...

What a nightmare!

Stephanie V said...

Poor you...I'm thinking about those darn stars again! Couldn't we get them to line up a bit better for you?

Mimi said...

Damn, damn, damn!
Our garage is converted (now a music practice room!) but my brother did warn me about squirrels eating wires in a car.
Maybe you can still treat yourself to 1 sweater yarn, seeing as it's for a useful purpose?

Sandy said...

Ohhh he is kind of creepy looking. I know that can do damage but that's a Sorry to read that.

The Bug said...

You have had some really rotten luck yesterday - I think it's the universe's way of reinforcing your recent employment decision :)

Ruth said...

bugger - :-(
hope the planets line up properly for you soon.

Alice said...

Oy vay!
If it weren't for bad luck,
I have no luck at all!

When my scottie was a puppy, he got under my roommate's seat in her car, and chewed through the driver's airbag wires. $$$$$$$

We were told if we lied and said a squirrel had gotten in and done it, it would have been covered by insurance.

ah well.

sapphireblue said...

Oh no! That's just awful!

Knitty said...

I believe in Live and Let Live, but with a caveat. I have squatter's rights. I've been here over 30 years. No stinkin' squirrel, possum, groundhog, mouse, rat or any other euphemism for rodent has been here longer than me. They should all live their disgusting little lives somewhere out of my sight and definitely off my property.

Signed, Not green, lean but definitely mean on the east side.

bettyjf1 said...

I wouldn't want to run into that thing on my way into the house at night.