Saturday, December 3, 2011

What's that sound?


It's stunningly lovely to the ears! Yes my friends, after two months of racket, the contractors are finally out of here. They came by this morning at a very respectable 10:30 AM to put the finishing touches on the walls and now they're gone. We still have carpet to install down there, but the dirty and noisy work is done. last!

They did give a bid on a kitchen renovation, but we won't even consider starting a project like this until the weather breaks. It's also something we may do instead of a big 25th wedding anniversary trip. I think that's fair. Italy will have to wait. Our kitchen is so tiny and I think I'd love a bit of space, not to mention a little room to cook.

I have time to dream, so here it goes...

  • A Viking professional stove with six burners and a grill.
  • A big-ass exhaust hood that stands alone like a piece of jewelry hovering above the alter-like stove.
  • A separate convection oven.
  • An appliance garage for my Kitchen Aid Mixer. It's so heavy to lift and I think a house of its own would be nice.
  • A food pantry
  • A spice pantry
  • Radiant heat in the floor
  • That floor? Cork, I think, or maybe Brazilian cherry hardwood.
  • A lighter colored granite on the counters
  • A boat load of cabinet space
  • Task lighting under the cabinets
  • Built in recycling cabinets
  • French doors leading to the now miniature yard (can't expand without losing outdoor space) and an herb garden on the new deck. Ooh...that yard is disappearing fast in my dream!
  • A new Le Creuset cookware set
  • A state of the art espresso machine
  • A professional chef who can both work the espresso machine AND make fabulous bon-bons in the wink of an eye. Hey! What? It's my dream!
I'm only getting warmed up here, but for some reason, I think my imagination may be a bit bigger than my budget.

If I do something like this, what do I need besides winning the lottery? What am I missing?


Brenda said...

Your dream kitchen sounds great. Just curious what type of carpeting or flooring you chose for the basement. We haven't picked ours out yet.

Denise said...

Glad the noise makers are gone.

That would be my dream kitchen too. First I need the dream house.

That last one on your list, I've already got that covered.

SkippyMom said...

I think you could go to Italy 3 times [or more] with that wish list, but I completely hear where you are coming from.

Everytime I see a Viking stove - oh, my, goodness.

If I ever hit the lottery - your kitchen [for you!] is on my list. :) And then I will put one in my house. giggle

The Bug said...

Yay! Wow - that kitchen would be a total waste on me, but if I were a cooking person I think it would be worth postponing a trip for. After all, you're in the kitchen every day!

Mimi said...

Stop Rudee! you've got me dreaming too, and thinking how could I expand my kitchen (which was renovated 4 years ago but not expanded and is still tiny... but, sadly, no hope of boat loads of cabinets here, or six burners either, come to think of it!

Ah, no harm in dreaming! and I'm glad you got your current project finished.

Miss 376 said...

Whatever else goes in the kitchen, and on call chef is a definite must.
Glad you can have a bit of peace and quiet for a while, enjoy it while you can

Alice said...

Some place else to sleep.

This work does come with contractors!

Finding Pam said...

Rudee, I am glad that they finished up and you are living in a noise free home again. Where are the pictures?

Your dream kitchen sounds awesome. In my former house, I had my dream kitchen. I sure do miss it.

I would do anything to have a chef cook for us. What a luxery?

Stephanie V said...

Would you be needing a cooking helper? I'm up for the job in that dreamy kitchen.

I can't complain since I have a lovely big kitchen that was renovated to my specs ten years ago.

Enjoy your peace today.

sapphireblue said...

I have a courtesy kitchen. It's just there as a courtesy. Tiny kitchen. I hope you do get the things on your wish list.

(Queenmothermamaw) Peggy said...

Got have dreams gal. I have all I need and really all I want but I still dream of a larger family room. More great grands coming along. An inground pool etc. Dream big. Merry Christmas.