Thursday, December 8, 2011

This, not that. That, not this.

In our multiple moves and general upheaval of the past few years, some things have gone missing, likely never to be seen again. Some of these items include my collection of Christmas CDs. Over Thanksgiving weekend, I uploaded a great deal of my general music collection into my itunes account and spent hours and hours doing this. However, after having perused hundreds of discs, I can't seem to find the holiday stuff.

Instead of going to Michael's, the Ford dealer, Kohl's and the pet store today as planned--Leo can wait for cookies--I spent a lot of time on itunes. I think I've pretty much downloaded all of the seasonal songs I think I missed most. To double check, I googled a list of the top 100 Christmas songs. Number one--no surprise here--was White Christmas. The Bing Crosby one, which, incidentally, is not my favorite version. Barbra Streisand sings my favorite version of White Christmas. You can listen hear. The number two artist on that list was Alvin and the Chipmunks. Really? I don't think so. I'd rather listen to Bing.

I may have broke the bank over on itunes, but I'm a happy woman with my favorite songs to listen to again. Back in my Christmas music repertoire, to name a few, is Ottmar Liebert, Luciano Pavarotti, Mitch Miller, A Very Special Christmas with various artists, Elvis, Frank (Sinatra, of course), George Winston, Transiberian Orchestra and the Bolshoi Theatre version of Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker. Some albums I bought outright today, like Pavarotti's, Winston's (December), The Nutcracker (the Bolshoi version has always been my favorite) and A Very Special Christmas...the first one. With others, I only bought my favorite songs instead of replacing entire works. I hope someday all those CDs will show up in an unexpected place.

Apparently, I'm finally getting in to the holiday spirit. Can a tree, other decor and Christmas cookies be far behind?

Tell me, because I really want to know if I missed anything, what is your favorite Christmas music or song that my itunes shouldn't be without?

I love Ottmar Liebert. Poets and Angels was one of my favorite holiday CDs.


The Bug said...

I've got the Barbra album in my ipod mix right now :) Her Jingle Bells is... invigorating!

I also have Josh Groban, Jewel (really! I like her Christmas album a lot) and all the Amy Grants. I like to sing along, so you can keep all your instrumental stuff :) I probably have about 10 other albums mixed in too. I might be finished listening to them by Valentine's Day.

andrea said...

Merry Christmas by Johnny Mathis. If I lost all my other Christmas music I would be OK a long as I could keep this one album. I love it so much I have it in all the formats, except vinyl.

NCmountainwoman said...

I have two of them. One is the section from "The Messiah" sung by a large choir. "For Unto Us a Child is Born."

The other is "Panis Angelicus" and can be by a REALLY good tenor or a super little boy or girl.

I said I had ony two. But if I tell the honest truth I must admit that the season would not be complete without Elvis and "Blue Christmas." But only in the car when I am alone. Sort of like sneaking candy for the ear.

Rose said...

Ottmar is great, although I don't own that album. I have a christmas one of his but am too lazy to check on the title just now. Maybe later? Btw I now have an iPad 2 and am losing HOURS playing with it. Gorgeous graphics! Happy Christmas music to you!

Rudee said...

Dana, I was under the impression Ottmar did make his flamenco guitar sing. I can hear all the words in my head!

Andrea--I listened to some Johnny Mathis today, but I didn't buy. Perhaps I'll go back and preview that album.

NCMW--I am going to listen to those songs on itunes tonight. Maybe I'm not done buying yet!

Rose--I want an ipad, too. I'm green with all that holiday decor--no, wait--that's envy I think.

Rudee said...

NCMW, I just checked and the Luciano Pavarotti CD has Panis Angelicus.'s beautiful.

Stephanie V said...

I just couldn't live with out Vince Guaraldi's 'A Charlie Brown Christmas' released in 1965. Ah, that 65...such a magic number. Anyway, that's always a must in our Christmas music lineup.

Brenda said...

Most all of Barbra's Christmas songs are probably my favorite. I like Kenny Rogers version of... Mary Did You Know. Judy Garland probably did the best version of White my opinion.

Mimi said...

I love the bandaid "it's Christmastime" and "Walking in the Air".
And, of course, the Nutcracker, but you have that!
Got your cd tonight, it's got Walking in the Air on it! Email on the way!

Anonymous said...

go to you tube for the classic Fred Waring Night before christmas and Rudolph.


Rudee said...

FTM! How could I have forgotten that album? Loved, loved, loved that album. I especially liked, "Twas the Night Before Christmas." A classic.

Slinking off to itunes to spend a little more right now.

Denise said...

We're missing a ton of stuff from our great move.

My favorite Christmas is the Choral of Bells.

Joanna said...

Nice to look back on some of those oldie but goodies. We've enjoyed Winston's winter when it was in the record format but we don't have the cd. I enjoyed the Barbara Streisand version of White Christmas a lot. The music is such a big part of the season.

unmitigated me said...

Stephanie V beat me to it...A Charlie Brown Christmas by Vince Guaraldi. It's magic, and you will recognize every second of it!

Knitty said...

I'm all over the place with my Christmas music selections.

I love the Oak Ridge Boys' Jesus was born today. Click here for You Tube version