Sunday, April 10, 2011

Perfectible? I think not.

Ask any knitter how difficult it is to take yarn that looks like this:

and produce a pair of anything, much less socks, that are so closely related, you'd think at first glance that they're clones. Knitters would agree, it often seems down right impossible to make things line up so well.

While they aren't completely perfect, I'm sure they'd have been identical had I knit them side by side, or at least one right after the other. At the least, they're much closer than the kissing cousins I usually produce when working with painted yarn.

Maybe you remember when I started these Fake Isle socks back in September. Around Christmas, I set the first sock down to finish up holiday knitting and there it lingered until I came upon it forgotten and nearly complete last Sunday. Inspired, and so close to a pair, I finally finished the second sock yesterday. Even with jumpiness, courtesy of Sudafed, I think I did a pretty good job of matching things up.

Fingers crossed, toes, too, the potential roommate for Rachel's Place seems ideal. She'll be spending some parent free time at the house to gauge whether she likes the home and all involved get along.

I'm as geeked about that being a perfect fit as I am with the perfection of these socks.

The yarn I used is Opal Zirkus, Color #2002.


SkippyMom said...

Wow - if those aren't a match, I don't know what is - they are amazing.

I am excited for you and Rachel. I hope the young lady is a good match. Fingers crossed and good thoughts you way.

Miss 376 said...

Good news to both, hope it all works out. One less thing to worry about

Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

how in the world? i am just amazed honey. and fingers crossed about rachel's place!

smiles, bee

The Bug said...

woo hoo for fabulous socks & a possible roomie!

Stephanie V said...

Love the looks warm and toasty but also bright and spring-ish.
Hope you've found the perfect housemate!

Brenda said...

Yes! Nice work on the socks. Great news about Rachel's house.

Ruth said...

Great socks look nice and warm.
Keeping fingers crossed that the new girl fits in.

Joanna said...

Beautiful socks. I'm jealous. Hope it all goes well at Rachel's house.

Denise said...

Those socks do look perfect. It's hard to get the toes to line up so well on top down.