Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Any way the wind blows

I'm a little winter weary, though I'm not complaining. We do need the snow for our summer crops.  I just wish it would fall all at once and be done with it.  Instead we're getting those little Alberta Clippers that blow through town leaving a few inches of snow in their wake.  One. Right. After. The. Other.  Every other day brings a couple of fresh inches of snow that seems to have an affinity for beginning right during the morning rush, or if that's not possible, then the evening rush hour.  It's so convenient!  Not!

The beach is sounding particularly good to me right now.

But one should always take care when wishing right?  A beach will indeed be in my near future as Brian will be leaving Michigan sooner than later.  The bad thing is we'll be traveling by car 2, 700 miles to get there (35 hours of driving).  I think the recruiter's mind is finally made up and hopefully he won't change it again.  At least I hope not as I'm booking my return flight tonight.  It's non-refundable and costing a king's ransom since it's such short notice.  If I want refundable, it would cost me an extra $645, which is kind of crazy.  And while I'm on the subject of airway robbery, why is a one way trip home $400, but a round trip is $437?  I'm perplexed.

We'll leave the middle of next week so he has time to take care of business, like getting a California driver's license and plates for his car, uniforms, a place to live and furniture to sit and sleep on.

I'm taking stock, trying to stay calm and considering what knitting I'll need for this long, long ride.

The never ending sweater.
My Downton Abbey gauntlets
My Squares on the Roll blanket
Something different in case I'm bored with the above.

And lots and lots of tissues.  Tears will be involved with this adventure.  We haven't left yet and I'm already feeling verklempt.


Rose said...

Oh my, best of luck. It's hard having my daughter living in New York but at least it's closer than your son will be.

Jane Galley said...

I have all that to come, I am sure he'll do you proud

SkippyMom said...

Safe trip my friend. Stay strong. He loves his Momma, you can do it. I know how hard it is when they leave home, but the military makes it that much harder.

We'll keep you in our thoughts. Come back safe and sound. Hugs!

Nance said...

If you use your knitting projects as hankies, can't you knit and "felt" at the same time?

Just a thought...!

Safe journey.

The Bug said...

Aw I wish I could give you a hug! You shouldn't even bother with those little packets of kleenex - just go ahead & get a four pack of the square boxes :)

Finding Pam said...

Oh Rudee, my heart aches for you. I remember when our son graduated college, newly married and then headed to California to his first base. That was 15 years or so ago. You know that he is starting his life and his future.

Safe journey and flight home. I know this will be a good trip for the both of you.

SapphireBlue said...

Awwww! Big hugs!!

Mimi said...

Aw Rudee, my heart aches for you reading this post. A friend sent me a piece recently that said the 2 most important things we can give our children are roots and wings. It's easy enough to give them roots, the wings I find challenging, and I've only just begun.
Love and light to you on this journey..would it help to envisage it as an adventure? I don't know.
One last thought...when my best friend moved to a different country and I was heartbroken, someone told me to see it as another place to visit. I have done, many times, still miss her but that did help me.

Irene said...

At least it will be an adventure that neither one of you will soon forget and you will have quality time together. All will be well, if not a little sad. xox

Stephanie V said...

Sons are so special...must be that they are mysterious to us moms as daughters will never be. He may be a long car ride away but still in the US. In a place where it doesn't snow. A very good reason to visit often. Maybe I should be buying some stock in the tissue company now?

Rositta said...

There are Downtown Abbey gauntlets? Where is that pattern? Relax Rudee and enjoy the trip. The beach will be lovely. We get the same snow you do and I hear we're getting a real dump tomorrow. Should be fun... ciao

Alice said...

Well you DID map out yarn stores to stop at on your way of course!
Didn't you?????

Annie H said...

I'm right there with you, girl. Hope it's an uncatastrophicly eventful road trip with lotsa laughs and memories. I know you know this, but it all goes so fast....safe travels :-)

Annie H said...

I'm right there with you, girl. Hope it's an uncatastrophicly eventful road trip with lotsa laughs and memories. I know you know this, but it all goes so fast....safe travels :-)

Brenda said...

Skpe will help. We never really let our babies go. There are just too many memories. I became closer to my kids after they left home for some reason. Keep us posted on your journey. Hugs!!

Winifred said...

Hope you have a safe journey Ruth, crumbs it's a long way. Never mind you can enjoy some sunshine when you're there & hopefully you can go back for holidays. Sad to see them go but they never really leave. You can always use Facetime when you need a fix!

Yes it's total rip off by the airlines for those single journeys. A return from the UK to Miami is about 600 quid. For a single it's over a thousand!