Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The case for bubble wrap and ear plugs

What a wretched work day here in sunny, but freezing cold Detroit.  If I'd listened to my inner voice, I never would have left the house.  I could have stayed home and worked on my sweater, which doesn't look like much yet, but is getting there.

The day began with my work cell ringing before my shift even started which is NEVER a good sign.  I was given a complicated mission to see a very angry client to fix mistakes made by others.  I hate being the messenger.  Before I left the house, I tripped on my husband's size 12 clodhopper shoes that were lying unseen in my path and nearly fell.  I was saved by the bookcase that hip checked me.  I knew immediately I'd wrenched my back, but hey, nothing was going to keep me from my mission of receiving a tongue lashing, again for something I didn't do.

Off to work I went with bruises forming.

As I walked from the parking deck of the hospital to the entry door, a big shot doctor with a lead foot was racing up the ramp in his screaming red Viper and nearly mowed me down where I stood with my fancy Danskos frozen in place and a stupid look on my face akin to a deer caught in the headlights.  He missed me by 1 foot.  I about shat my self.  He smirked.

Oh, yeah.  Great day it was shaping up to be...

I picked up the supplies I'd need to fix the problems that had me out so early and went off to spend a solid hour fielding complaints.  I forgot to take my earwax and had to listen to the litany of complaints with naked ears.  How many times can a nurse say she's sorry, especially when it wasn't even her mistake?  I ultimately fixed the problem, but my tales of woe do not end there.  I was almost hit again by a preoccupied driver on his cell phone who failed to stop while I was in the crosswalk at the hospital at the end of my day!


I never should have got out of bed in the first place.  Now that I'm all cozy at home with a dog by my side and my knitting in my lap, I'll be damned if I go back out into that hostile world again today.


Alice said...

My, My,
time for a cold one and a warm sweater!

sapphireblue said...

Ugh! Some days you wonder why you go to work at all, then you remember what bills need to be paid. Glad you are okay and settling in with that knitting.

Irene said...

It just wasn't your day today and I think you should not have ventured out but you probably did a lot of good. Maybe you were a Florence Nightingale and did not know it. Even on lesser days we do our share. xox

Ruth said...

Not your day hope therest of it gets beeter stay home with the dog he is much better company.
Fixing other peoples mess ups :-(.
Hope they happy now.

Ruth said...

Not your day hope therest of it gets beeter stay home with the dog he is much better company.
Fixing other peoples mess ups :-(.
Hope they happy now.

Mimi said...

challenging day, for sure. Enjoy your evening, looking forward to seeing it finished soon! Love the "keep calm" pic!

The Bug said...

Man what a yucky day! I think if I were you I'd just stare at your blog header for a while :)

Brenda said...

Yarn and dogs make all things good again. Hoping today is so good that it makes up for all the idiots you encountered yesterday. (Like the ones that almost ran you down) Idiots!

Finding Pam said...

I would take Leo's company over the day you had. I hope it gets better.

Winifred said...

There are some days you should stay in bed Ruth. Yesterday was one of them obviously.

I do it occasionally. Well I stay in bed until lunchtime then I get up in case my husband comes home for lunch. He hates the idea of me not getting up. He's one of those virtuous early risers which I can't for the life of me understand.

Those drivers with phones are deadly. They just totally ignore the law.

sandy said...

Sounds like it was a land mine field out there. Your writing is so descriptive - you really should write a book!!

Hope you get a reprieve from the crazy for the next few days or weeks.