Friday, June 29, 2012


Excuse my absence, but I've been without my beloved MacBook Pro for a few days and could barely use it at all in the past two weeks.  I don't know why I didn't take it in for repair when it first became apparent something was terribly wrong, but like most humans, I was worried the geniuses would find something unfixable and I just kept hoping it would get better on its own.  I mean, who wouldn't want a new MacBook with the fancy-ass retinal display?  I know I covet the new device, but don't have an extra $2,200 just laying around right now and so deep down, I was concerned I'd be forced to make a decision about my two year old computer's issues.  It turns out, there was something wrong with the mouse--the built in trackpad--that may or may not have had something to do with a blob of ice cream that fell on it last month.  Only $90 later and it's all fixed.  Though that's a lot of money, I look at it this's way less than the new model.

It's also much less than I had to pay to fix that damned LG fridge again this week.  Can you believe it?  That's the third time this 2 year old fridge has died.  The damage this go around was $190 to pay for a new fan and control panel.  Never, never, never will I buy another LG appliance.

On the human front, my husband is healing and did not need his jaw wired.  Miraculous if you ask me, but if he'd gone down to the U of D Dental Clinic, I have a feeling I'd be telling you something different right now.  He's graduated from pureed foods to a soft diet.  I think he misses his popcorn and crunchy foods, but at the rate he's healing, I'm sure those will be on the menu again, soon.

I'm still refusing more or less to be political in this spot, but as the parent of a 24 year old underemployed and otherwise (if not for the current law) uninsured son and a 22 year old disabled daughter who--without commercial insurance--would be limited with medical care choices, let me just say I'm so relieved with the Supreme Court's decision this week.

Gas prices are finally dropping, but that's not why I took that picture.  No, indeed.  If you double click on that picture, you can see Ron and Paul, the loud mouthed painters from hell who tortured me and kept me awake three years ago are advertising on that sign.  It amused me, so I snapped the picture.  Though they do good work, Ronnie talks so damned loud you can hear him blocks away.

Lastly, Sapphire Blue, please check in on your blog.  I look daily for an update from you and I'm worried you're in harm's way in that monstrous Colorado fire.  Wishing your family well if you read this.


sapphireblue said...

I'm here and I'm doing fine. Our fire (highland park fire) is just about contained and should be out this weekend.

Rudee said...

So glad to hear to hear you're well! Wishing for buckets of rain (no lighting) to help douse all of Colorado's fires. What a terrible turn of events!

Brenda said...

So glad your hubby has graduated to soft foods. When I diet.. I miss the crunchy stuff the most.
I know my husband would love one of the new retina display pads or computers. But computers are his life...sort of..his line of work and pleasure.
I spend my money on material and books and yarn.
I wish I knew more about how the new health care law will really turn out. And what it is all about. I hear so much on the news back and forth...for and against...but until it really gets in we really know how it will work. I really hope that the law will not force the Catholic institutions and hospitals to close. I know they will never tolerate being told what they have to cover.
Those fires are just glad your friend is okay...:)

Miss 376 said...

Good news about your hubby, I was only wondering this morning how he was doing

NCmountainwoman said...

All of the bad stuff about the fridge and computer flew away from my mind the minute I saw that your husband is doing so amazingly well without the awful surgery. Puts everything in perspective, doesn't it?

Jennifer Carson said...

Glad your DH is healing well, and SO glad the computer repairs weren't more expensive - that stuff creeps up fast!

It's been a long while since I was last reading your blog. It seems like life is a bit easier now than it was then, and I'm glad for that, too.

Mimi said...

Seems like a good news post all round Rudee- Sapphireblue is ok, your Hubby is on the mend and your computer is fixed.
I always put off getting appliances fixed, and have then come a cropper on a few occasions re the guarantee. It's so much bother when things break down; all I ever want to do is go out and buy a new one..if only!

Gail said...

Sapphireblue...glad things are being contained. That is scary. I'm ashamed to talk about triple digit temps and no rain. We are blessed.

Rudee, Good news for you except for the fridge part. Glad your hubby is healing quickly. I'm sure he will be ready to eat your homemade bread very soon.

The Bug said...

Boo on the fridge! But I'm glad your laptop was (somewhat reasonably) fixable. And I'm glad your hubs is doing well.

Silliyak said...

Several years ago we bought an LG washer & dryer. I had never heard of them before and I thought the saleswoman was gushing about ALGAE. It took awhile to get up to speed.

Stephanie V said...

I had an LG problems but then I never tried to keep anything cold with it. Too bad when an appliance is a dud from the start.

Your gas is about 1/2 of ours. Maybe I'll bring my car to Detroit for a fill-up.

Denise Seffens said...

So glad your husband didn't need to have his jaw wired.

I agree it would probably be different if he went to the college.

Ran said...

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