Saturday, June 30, 2012

Oh, no! What have I done?

The next time I schedule myself the way that I have, I authorize any and all of you to give me a swift kick in the arse.  It started innocently enough a month ago when one of my hospice mentors asked me to pick up a weekend for her so she could go away with her husband and grandchild.  "It's the weekend of June 30th", she said so innocently.  "Sure, why not?  I'll work it for you," I replied, not fully realizing that by saying so, I committed myself to a 32 hour weekend schedule right before the holiday.  From 4PM to 8AM Saturday and Sunday.  That's 2 back-to-back 16 hour workdays for those of you who, like me, can't do the math.  I've already worked thirty hours this week and will work another 20 after the weekend.  That's 82 hours for the pay period.

I AM an idiot.  Apparently, I'm also still a full time nurse who has NOT been saying NO effectively and has allowed the begging of supervisors and schedulers to sway me.  I pitied them. 

On the bright side, because I know I won't sleep this weekend, Le Tour de France starts today and the reruns can keep me company when I'm not busy during the wee hours.  I really hope NBC sports hasn't ruined the programming, but for about an hour now, I've been watching the pre-show, and I can tell you it's pretty boring.  Maybe I won't delete the pre-show and can use that program to lull me to sleep between calls and visits.  I am also eyeballing my spinning wheel that's sitting neglected in the corner.  Perhaps I'll do a little unofficial Le Tour de Fleece spinning, too.

Please, if you read this, do not wish me a Q weekend.  That would undoubtedly be the kiss of death.  All will be well.  Also, do not mention the approaching full moon.  

What?  What was I thinking?


Finding Pam said...

Sometimes we just can not help ourselves, so we do things that make no sense. Of course we like to help folks out even if it affects our own lives. Think of all the beautiful yarn you can buy with the OT.

Brenda said...

When are YOU going on vacation. I hope it will be a two week deserve it!

Denise Seffens said...

Having worked weekends like that too many times, I'm wishing you a "make it out alive" weekend.

Hope you can find some rest soon.

Mimi said...

Rudee, I do the same thing sometimes, say "yes" before I even know the words are out of my mouth! It's like "yes" is my deafult mode, and not always the right one either!
Hope you get a reasonably good and easy time, won't use the Q word.
We learn from our mistakes!

The Bug said...

See, this is why you're a nurse to start with. Me, I'd be saying, "NO." :)

Jennifer Carson said...

I think I'd be planning which yarns and roving to buy with all that extra money.

sapphireblue said...

Just say no!!

Cheryl said...

That is a lot of hours!! However, knowing you, you would do it again for her again if she needed you to. You are just that kind of caring person, that's why you do your job so well. Hope it goes by fast and you get to enjoy some time just for you.