Saturday, February 25, 2012

Three Ds in the Big D

For months now, since November to be exact, I've been staying away from the hair salon so I can grow my hair out. I wasn't shooting for long hair, but I had a particular style in mind. I tolerated what I affectionately call The Poodle Stage, where my hair looks kind of doggie to me no matter what I do to it. It's not short, it's not long and it's a little too bulky. I must spend time fussing with it every single day, or when I'm lazy, cover it with a hand knit hat when out and about.

I put up with the shaggy look even through the holidays, and this just isn't really like me. It's not that I don't like the way I look with short hair but for some reason, I wanted a different style and for that I needed a little bit more hair. So I sucked it up and weathered the bad hair days while scouting magazines and online hairstyles for exactly what I want. In the past two weeks, I've gotten so many complements on how cute my hair was looking, but to me, it was getting really shaggy and I was beginning to sprout that mullet look.

Last week, I decided that while it was moving in the right direction, it needed to be cleaned up a bit, so I booked an appointment with my stylist. Also, Sara and I are hosting a baby shower Sunday and I felt my hair had to be just right for that. Before my appointment on Thursday, I uploaded a picture of exactly what I had in mind to my iPad and took it with me. I gave explicit instructions to my stylist of several years: no thinning scissors, no loss of length, clean up the back, leave the ability to tuck it behind my ears so it can be out of my way when I work and leave the bangs alone.

Did she give me what I asked for or even close to what I was working toward?

Why, no! Of course she didn't.

She gave me the same damn haircut I had 3 months ago!

She cut it all off, including about an inch of bangs which were getting closer to the tuckability point. I think we can all agree that bangs are the biggest pain in the ass to grow out and she chopped them right off. She told me she was evening things up, but it doesn't look even to me: it looks gone. Now I know this is only hair and it will grow back, but I'm so disappointed, slightly dismayed and rather disabused right now. To pour lemon juice on my freshly abraded feelings and for putting me back to square one, I got to pay her an obscene amount of money. In the three months since I've seen her, her prices have gone up and now she earns twice as much as I do in an hour.

To pour salt over the the acidic wounds, I've been buying a salon only L'Oreal product for thermal styling from her and I was out of the goo. I coughed up the ridiculous amount the salon was asking for the product and called it a day. Yes, it's expensive, but it works well and lasts about 6 months. Yesterday while shopping with Sara at a beauty supply store, we found the identical product for $15 dollars less than what the salon was asking. $15!!! That's a 150% markup I was charged. You know, while I don't have a bad haircut, it wasn't what I wanted, but on top of paying for what I didn't want, I got ripped off at the register and that's what seems to have annoyed me most.

I'm not without a plan though. I'm going to grow this hair until I can't bear it for another minute, and then I'm going to get in my car and make the five hour drive to Chicago to see the stylist who broke my heart when he packed up his shears and left for better opportunities five years ago. That's how long it's been since I've been given what I asked for in a hair style.

Alright...that's enough whining for the day. I have to go decorate a diaper cake.


Stephanie V said...

Oh, that is so annoying. I hope you bought the goo when you saw it and took the outrageously marked-up product back to the salon!

Miss 376 said...

That's why I hate going to hairdressers. I had one from when I was 18 until I moved up here, and he was briliant. It'll never be the same again

Rose said...

I agree with Stephanie. But even though you didn't get the cut you wanted, it still looks good. Have fun at the shower. Did you knit anything for it?

Brenda said...

I have to agree with you on the photo of what you wanted. Your cut is not like that at all. But...on the up that your real hair color...if so...I would love it if mine could be like that. Very pretty. If you head to Chicago..let me know. Maybe I could meet you there.
Oh... and I heard there is a web site called where you can tell the whole internet readers what you dislike about ripoffs. I joined...just to get to vent.

The Bug said...

When we moved to Ohio I still used to go back to NC to get my hair cut. I finally found someone I sort of like up here, but actually I like HIM better than what he does to my hair. My solution? Just don't ever go LOL. I really really could use a trim right now, but I'm afraid :)

On the plus side, you look GREAT!

Catherine said...

Poor you! I am going around taking photos of myself today cos I got my hair done (first time in six months) and I love it- short for me a longish bob with fringe (what you quaintly call bangs! Makes us smile here with our smutty minds as bangs have a whole other connotation - sorry!) And you can see it if you visit my facebook page, there is nothing more annoying than feeling ripped off - and I try to resist buying salon products. I like your hair, but you have to too. And just change stylists. I dunno what you pay but my cut and highlights and blowdry cost me fifty euro which is US$67 by my calculation on currency converter widget. Is t hat dear? Don't really know but for 2-3 hours of attention with a cuppa coffee and lots of gossip and fun, I love it! So hang in there, get a nice hairdresser and enjoy!
How's the knitting? Visit my two latest posts for updates on my new book buys!
Catheirne xxx

Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

well just buggers to her! hey, tell her i said that too.

hugs, bee

Ruth said...

does the cutter own the salon cos she realy did not do as you asked and needs to be named and shamed she did not listen. Have yout ried speaking to the owner and saying how disappointed you are - if she is the owner a terse letter may be the option and talk a lot of people bad publicity goes a long way.

Silliyak said...

You're still lovely, but time for a new hairdresser just because she doesn't listen.

Rositta said...

That's bizarre Rudee, I haven't cut my hair since early November for the same reason. I've had this short Annie Lennox style for 3 years now and I'm looking for a change. Just don't know what yet. By the way, I haven't paid more than twenty bucks for a haircut in years. Works for me...ciao

unmitigated me said... could go to six and haggerty and see my amazing guy at salon unity. Email if you want his name and number!

Finding Pam said...

Rudee, you are still beautiful even though you did not get the cut you requested.

I just left my hair stylist for the same reason. Plus, I saved thirty dollars, but I have to drive a lot further. My former stylist is so awesome,but I have complained for the last four cuts. It is good to change your stylist every few years.

Have fun at your shower.

Alice said...

Ah gee, I had similar happen to me. One length hair to shoulders, under cut for body, and a FRINGE of hair at the forehead to shorten my long face. They cut a WEDGE of bangs. From then on I threatened every hair stylist and cut my own fringe.
One winter I got fed up with my hair and had it cut layered and short. Now that I am home and down to "one" job I am once again growing it out. (Actually at the pleading of my Mom's stylist of 30 years.) Sans bangs or fringe by the way, so I am currently about where you just were . . . bangs to just past the tip of my nose.

Knitty said...

I so understand going to Chicago to see your former stylist. I would have followed mine but he left the business entirely. I get that it must be frustrating for a stylist whose client has medium length wiry hair on a size 28 body and expects to look like Angelina Jolie after a shampoo and trim. Why don't more of them get that WE are frustrated by not being heard? They get scissor happy and we go through months of getting back to where we were when they cut just the split ends...2 inches worth!

sapphireblue said...

Ugh! Sorry you didn't get what you expected and got charged too much.