Sunday, February 26, 2012

Icing on the cake

The only thing I baked was this diaper cake. It was fun to make and looked so pretty. It was actually one of the games--guess the number of diapers to make the cake and win a prize. Nobody did guess correctly (64).

Sara and I have spent the last several months planning the details of a baby shower for Sara's best friend. For the most part, this has been fun and since we've had a long time to get it all done, it didn't seem to be all that difficult to pull off. Still, even will all of that preparation some of the last minute details left us a little frenzied.

Door prizes...very clever Barefoot wine bottle lights. These were provided by my best friend.

More lights...but this is a night light for the baby.

With fingers crossed for good weather, we sent the invitations out a few weeks ago. You never know what tricks Mother Nature will play in late February. We had a snowstorm Thursday night and most of Friday, but it was all gone today. For all of our efforts, we were blessed with blue skies and sunshine for the day.

Don't want your guests wandering around grazing a dessert table? Get clever and serve cupcakes on a pizza stand and use it as centerpiece!

Those of us who planned this event have had our fingers crossed that the doctor had the due date right. Believe it or not, Dana still has 6 weeks to go before we see what she's been carrying around. We're glad for our own sakes--selfish party planners--that she hung in there!

And now, well the day is done. We have our feet up and there are appetizers (frozen from Trader Joes) that are baking in the oven. The general plan is to watch the red carpet, nibble on the appetizers and then watch the Oscars. That's about as tough as the rest of the day will be.


Mimi said...

Hope it all went well!
I love your diaper cake- you're very clever.

Silliyak said...

Beware the chocolate frosting on the diaper cake!

Rose said...

The night light is so pretty! I've seen that before, but don't know how they are done.....did you make it or buy it? Glad it went well!

Stephanie V said...

Love your diaper cake! And one f the best most needed of gifts.

Your wine bottle lights are very festive. Enjoy the show tonight.

Gail said...

Fantastic job with the decorations!!! I have never seen the lighted wine bottles...I really like them.

Job well done, ladies.

Brenda said...

Everything looked great! The mommy looks like she is going to have a big baby. Any knitted gifts?

Miss 376 said...

Love the night light too

Ruth said...

Good party - hope you wil get to the little one lots!

Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

oh my gosh how cute! LOVE the diaper cake and the lights and of course, the cupcakes!

smiles, bee

The Bug said...

Looks like you two did a great job! Now I want a cupcake :)

sapphireblue said...

Aww! That's so cute!!