Saturday, August 27, 2011

The real news today

I know the shawl is crooked on my model, but once outside, I saw a large group of Witnesses walking straight toward me. I rushed to get the picture so I could take it indoors to safety. This neighborhood has a lot of people going door to door and it's so hard to get them to take, "I'm not interested" as a hint.

May I interrupt your nonstop viewing of the Catastrophe Weather Channel to show you what's new off my needles?

The pre-blocked blob.

The Holden Shawlette project is done. Start to finish, this one took 12 days, though alone, the picot edging took several hours spread over two days. That is one trying and tedious cast off for so many stitches (309), but I'm really pleased with the outcome, and so is the recipient, Ms. Sara. I'd initially named it Sara's Dark and Stormy Shawl because, well, that's what the yarn color looked like in the hank. I've since renamed it Sara's Camo Shawl. The way the yarn played out once knit up was a total, but lovely surprise.

Lace as it's supposed to look when stretched to within and nth of its life.

It's hard to believe, but this is my 4th completed lace shawl for this year. Finishing the Pretty as a Peacock shawl really lit a fire under me to knit more lace. My addi turbo clicks are smoking hot right now.

The shawl in dappled sunlight. I was actually now in the backyard because that was the only safe outdoor area to hide from the folks walking door to door.

I have bookmarked so many shawls in the past two weeks, it's become ridiculous, so today, I'm casting on something completely different: Ruckle. I'm still deciding on the yarn, but I may use one I purchased at the fiber festival.

Alrighty then, that's all I have for news. I return you now to your regular broadcasting so you can see Mike Seidel of the Catastrophe Channel get his sandblasting facial. Right about now, I'd like to see a big wave deposit a giant shark right at his feet.

Now that would be something worth reporting.

I hope all of my east coast friends and relatives demonstrate more sense than reporters. Stay safe and dry my friends. Now would be a good time to stay put and cast on something lovely.


Denise said...

That shawl is lovely. The variegated came out well with the lace pattern.

Duane likes to lecture the Witnesses about creationism vs. evolution and how wrong they are. I'm pretty sure they have our address marked down at that of the devil. LOL

Winifred said...

That is a lovely shawl. Like you I've become addicted to lace shawls. I've spent hours on the Internet looking at patterns. I've managed to make two and I finally got around to blocking them. Don't know why I worried about it so much. I see you use Addi needles. I haven't managed to use circular needles yet. Think I should buy one of those sets. We don't have a local shop that sells specialist stuff so I'll have to make a trip into Newcastle once my granddaughter goes back to school. People in the UK seem to have given up knitting. Just oldies like me have continued. I think it's a dying tradition here. I have to buy my wool for lace knitting off the Internet now.

That was funny about the Jehovah's. Have to admit I usually hide too!

Brenda said...

I love the edging...and all of it! Lucky Sarah! It will look great on her. I am still working on the Kayla lace blanket. I am as slow as molasses. I need to email you about an L-5 disc protrusion my daughter has. I thought I remembered you saying you have one and if so wonder what you did for it.

Emille said...

Gorgeous Rudee - looks like a piece of art!
I'm sure you'll get much pleasure out of wearing it.

Rose said...

He must be your area's equivalent of our area's Andy Fox. Google him if you can handle his inanity.

Love, love, love your shawl!

Miss 376 said...

Wow.that was one quick knit shawl and it's turned out beautifully, love the way the colour worked

SkippyMom said...

The best line I read this morning was someone who said "If you are going to ignore the mandatory evacuation please take a sharpie marker and write your social security number on your leg. It will make it easier to identify your body." And he was talking to those that have the ability to evacuate, but won't. These same people are putting emergency responders in harm's way because they refuse to leave. Stupid.

But? Your shawl is just lovely and that makes me smile. Thanks for sharing.

Catherine said...

Lovely shawl I must try to knit one sometime! The Blocking is something I'm not very familiar with so I would be challenged. I laughed at the way you managed to dodge the Witnesses - they are ok here politely take no for an answer. Irish Catholics are hard nuts to crack I suppose - must make every success even more sweet! But never mind, back to knitting - Im in the middle of a charity hats for Smoothie bottles Big Knit for Age Action Ireland - our knitting circle has done about 250 so far! You can see the blogpost I did about two posts back! Have to get back in the groove for winter!
Love Catherine xxx

The Bug said...

I wonder why we haven't had any Witnesses come to our door? Did I just jinx us?

That shawl is lovely!

Gail said...

That is definantely prettier than Irene!!

Those stitches are so fine and delicate...amazing talent you have!!!

How much is a doily??? A bigggg doily? Kidding, about this but not about the above. You are an artist!

Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

the shawl is LOVELY!!!!!

and i still remember dan rather tied to a pole one storm some years back. idiots. all of them. do they really think we want to see that? buggers.

smiles, bee

Stephanie V said...

Is there a cure for your lace addiction? I hope not because those shawls are just lovely. They will be treasured for sure.

Devon said...

What a beautiful shawl... it just amazes me how fast you knit! I am getting inspired... need to start knitting something soon!

Barbara said...

I would have thought that the Easter Island head dressed in a shawl might have deterred the Witnesses - on the other hand it might have indicated to them that you were in need of their help!

Kotaatok said...

Lovely shawl . Dealing with the witnesses. Got any friends in the cloth. Get them to have a discussion on your front porch as in "they are my souls and you boys are not poaching them" . Parents have not had a visit in 30 yrs thanks to the local catholic bishop doing this. Next door neighbours get visits they dont. Yes the missioners are given a list of dont visit houses for the local area.

Mimi said...

Rudee, it's absolutely beautiful!
I've never been good at lace knitting, Aran would be in my genes instead. I've done it, but it doesn't come naturally. So I take my hat off to you.
And your idea of casting on, in the eye of the storm, is the best one!
Keep warm and safe.

(Queenmothermamaw) Peggy said...

Rudee truly a work of art. We have Witnesses here too. I admire those young folks so much but have heard the word once and that was that. Bet you get some rain from Irene.

Knitty said...

The shawl is beautiful and I know they can be addicting.

I hate what the media has become. The weather is such a big story before anything happens, people are almost disappointed when the worst doesn't happen. I don't mean that they consciously want harm to come to anyone, but when little happens after such a huge build up, there is a sense of let down for many. Does this really help stations gain viewers? I find myself believing less and less. Yes, warnings are good and we should take precautions, but enough already! And putting reporters out there like that? Beyond stupid.

NCmountainwoman said...

The shawl is gorgeous!

I muted the sound most of the time. Why on earth do they cut to the people "live" when the wind and rain keep you from hearing what they say or seeing the ocean behind them? Worst of all are the local stations who send people in harm's way to have a "local presence." They could just as easily get network feeds.

Joanna said...

Oh my! That shawl is so pretty. You are so talented and focused Rudi to create such beautiful things.

sapphireblue said...

We got sick of just watching hurricane coverage. All the people that were out in it were insane.

I love the shawl! So pretty!!

Sandy said...

hahah, a big shark...yeah that is one I would love to see....

I found I was glued to the weather channel a lot during this...but I love extreme weather - I'm a weather nerd..

love the shawl, it's beautiful.

Anonymous said...

That shawl is beautiful!!